20 Free Things To Do in Doha, Qatar

Qatar has lots of amazing things to offer: tourists destinations, shopping malls, amazing exhibits, delectable dishes, and many more. However, spending too much especially when you are working overseas is a big NO! Do not forget that the main reason why you are working abroad is to earn and save money. With a tight budget, you may wonder what to do or where to go on your free time without spending too much, so as not to affect your savings and to avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Do not worry! There are still lots of options to choose from, for you to enjoy your stay in Qatar without spending more than what you can afford!

Have Fun By Spending Less in Doha

#1 – Watch live music performances.
Many live musicians and bands perform even at independent restaurants. Cuban band performs at Trader’s Vic’s, while the amazing pianist Frank performs at The Den. Every weekend, Under Construction and Dynamix play at venues such as Irish Harp and Paloma. Just follow Doha’s music and nightlife pages, and you’ll be club-hopping and listening to some of the best international stars without spending a single riyal!

#2 – Explore the Al Riwaq Exhibition Centre.
The Al Riwaq Exhibition Center is one of the most popular galleries in Doha, hosting the quirkiest and most interesting exhibitions since its inception. The city’s best art exhibitions are usually here and take note, they are free!

#3 Catch free shows at the Mall of Qatar.
The Mall of Qatar is striving to be a more popular tourist destination in Qatar and they offer free shows, especially during the holidays. In addition to that, when you’re tired of walking around, you may take a rest at the MOQ’s central oasis and enjoy the view of its amazing landscape and architectural design.

#4 – Visit and explore the Katara Cultural Village.
Katara Cultural Village usually holds events, exhibitions, festivals, and more. Explore Katara and you’ll see massive and impressive artworks everywhere. All for free! Check out their three exhibitions this August.

#5 – Check out the Museum of Islamic Art.
One of the most picture-perfect places in the Middle East, the Museum of Islamic Art offers spectacular West Bay views through its three-storey high windows. It showcases permanent exhibitions of ancient but beautiful objects from the Islamic world, such as metalworks, ceramics, textiles, and manuscripts. Admission to the museum and park is free.

The Museum of Islamic Art
Image Credit: Museum of Islamic Art Website

#6 – Watch camels race.
What’s a desert without a camel? Your Qatar experience would not be complete without watching Qatar’s traditional sport: camel racing at Al Shahaniya Camel Race Track, which is 40 km to 50 km from central Doha.

#7 – Watch a play or musical show for free.
Aside from free art exhibitions, Katara also offers free play and musical shows regularly. Just follow Katara on social media and be updated on their free events.

#8 – Watch movie at the park.
If you’re a movie lover, watch and enjoy free movies on weeknights (if the weather permits) at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) park and, if you’re lucky, at the Aspire Park as well. Just follow the Doha Film Institute pages on social media for regular updates.

#9 – Visit an ostrich farm.
If you are fond of ostriches, you can visit an ostrich farm near Dukhan. You can watch the ostriches as they roam freely and you can drive along as you watch them sprint across the farm. You can get up close to them, too, but you cannot touch them as they don’t like to be petted!

Enjoy watching the flock of ostriches at the farm

#10 – Try bird-watching with friends.
Aside from visiting ostriches, you can also try bird-watching at the Al Khor Mangroves, especially on winter when birds retreat to bed down. Or, you can join the Qatar Bird Club and watch birds with your fellow avid birders at Al Wakrah, Al Ruwais, and Al Shamal. Flamingos can be seen usually in the northern part. You can also visit the website for birdwatchers at www.qatarbirds.org for more updates.

#11 – Read books at the Qatar National Library. 
If you are the bookish type and you are a Qatar ID (QID) holder, you can register for a free membership at the Qatar National Library (QNL) and enjoy access to more than one million books, periodicals, and special collections. You can also visit the QNL Heritage Library, which houses rare and valuable texts and manuscripts, historical maps, scientific instruments, and early photography.

#12 – Explore an abandoned fishing village. 
Situated at the northernmost part of Qatar are the desolate communities of Al Ruwais. There are three abandoned fishing villages nearby, namely: Al Jemail, Al Khuwair, and Al Areesh; ruins can still be seen in these fishing villages. Experience the “yesteryears” of Qatar in these ancient villages.

#13 – Take pictures of the Milky Way.
There’s a spot in Qatar up north called Galactic Core Bay, where you can see the Milky Way in the sky. Bring your camera with you and enjoy the night taking pictures of this galaxy that houses our beloved planet!

#14 – Stargaze while camping.
Enjoy a peaceful evening with your family and friends in a camping adventure at the Inland Sea, the Al Khor Mangroves, or at the sand sculptures of Zekreet. These are the perfect places for you to stargaze and toast marshmallows by a camp fire.

#15 – Spend outdoor activities at the Aspire Park.
Aspire Park
is Doha’s biggest park and one of the city’s most beautifully landscaped public green spaces suitable for picnics, family bonding, and other outdoor activities. Enjoy all of these at Aspire Park without spending even a single riyal!

#16 – Go to the beach.
Qatar has recently opened five renovated beaches in addition to other beaches and corniches in Qatar. Spend some quality time with your loved ones without having to spend too much for most of these beaches are accessible for free.

#17 – Tour around malls. 
Who says window shopping is boring? Qatar is a house to various malls  with amazing architectural designs and landscapes that makes window shopping a free but fun leisure activity. Plus, there will be new malls in Qatar this 2019 so watch out for these.

#18 – Chill at Bandar.
Enjoy a cup of Qatar’s most famous Indian beverage, karak, for only 1 QAR (making it as good as free) at the Bandar (port) behind Al Shyoukh Terminal for Banana Island, off the Corniche while chilling with a guitar or with a fishing rod. This is best suitable for those who want to relax and have a peaceful evening after a stressful and noisy life in the city.

#19 – Experience Venice in Qatar.
If you want to have a Venetian experience in Qatar, visit the Qanat Quartier, the Venetian-style section of an artificial island in Qatar called The Pearl. It features intricate canals and stylish bridges, with colorful houses on either side that will give make you feel as if you are in Venice. Do not forget to bring your camera with you and enjoy walking around the plazas of the Quartier.

Image Credit: qanatliving.com

#20 – Stroll around the Corniche. 
The Doha Corniche is the most attractive part of Doha, as it is decorated with exciting green surroundings and remarkable modern architecture. The night is the best time to walk along the corniche as you will see the breathtaking view of the city all lit up!

Image Credit: Visit Qatar

With so much free things to do to enjoy your living in Doha, you don’t have to spend too much in the city. Your savings will be where it should be, and you will free from the stress of thinking about tomorrow’s expenses. Meanwhile, check out these tips to save money while you are in Qatar.