Katara Opens Three Exhibits this August

Katara, a cultural village in Qatar, has recently opened three exhibitions showcasing works of local and international artists, the Gulf Times reported.

Art enthusiasts in Qatar will surely love this good news, as the three exhibitions showcase works of art by various artists from local and international regions. Find out what these exhibitions are!

Image Credits: Katara Cultural Village, Katara websites

Three Exhibitions in Katara Cultural Village this August

The three exhibitions at Katara Cultural Village are as follows:

1. The Colour Bar

Located in Building 19, this exhibition  features 38 unique paintings and art installations of anime characters done by six Qatari artists, namely: Abdulaziz Yousef, Kholoud Al Ali, Aisha Al Khulaify, Mohamed Al Sharif, Fatima Al Nisf and Hamad Al Mataowa.

According to Katara, “The Colour Bar” is a visual interpretation of the artists’ perspective of their everyday life. “The artists huddle to unify their artistic flair to build up a conclusive coherent exhibition that bridges past with present and future,” Katara added.

Artworks in the Colour Bar Exhibition
Image Credit: Katara Cultural Village

2. Sajaya

Held in Building 18, Sajaya, which means “simplicity”, showcases 24 simple calligraphy artworks that have a high cultural value. These artworks are done by Turkish calligrapher Zaki Al Hashemi.

According to Al-Hashemi, his works are meaningful pictures that describe words without sound and build up sense where pencils illustrate basic human nature.

3. The Chant agoradesign.it of Stability

The third exhibition is the most eye-catching piece of art and is located in Building 22. The piece is a mural painting done by Qatari artist Maryam Al Mulla. According to The Peninsula, this 3m by 4m painting is a powerful depiction of Qatar’s resilience and the Qatari people’s steadfastness amid the unjust blockade.

The artist used her signature cubist style, combining different images to show how the country’s leadership and people withstood the effects of the siege and maintained stability during a pivotal movement in the country’s history. The painting was complemented by a poem penned by Radi Al Hajri, a poet and an artist as well.

In addition to the mural, 30 other different paintings portraying Qatari heritage and culture with different aspects and images are also displayed in the said exhibition.

“These kinds of exhibitions contribute effectively enriching the art culture in Qatar by supporting local artists of inviting international artists to present their latest art works here,” stated Katara’s Deputy General Manager Ahmed Al Sayed in a report by Qatar Tribune.

The Katara Cultural Village has always strived to highlight the country’s cultural identity and also encourage artists to showcase their works. Through these exhibitions, surely their efforts have not gone in vain.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit these wonderful masterpieces. For more information, you may visit the official website of Katara at http://www.katara.net/en.