How to Enjoy Your Visit at the Katara Hills Park

If you want to go out and find a relaxing place, look no further than Katara Hills Park.  This park is one of the largest parks in Qatar. You can find your spot where you can relax and enjoy your day.

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You can visit museums and see other exhibits while you are in the area. You can also choose from the many restaurants when it’s time to eat.

man made hills
Screengrab from Joy Sanchez Cruz YouTube channel

Park for Walking and Relaxing

The Katara Hills Park is located inside the Katara Cultural Village. The expansive complex showcases Qatar’s culture.

Here are some basic details about the park:

  • it is one of the largest parks in Qatar
  • the place is divided into North and South Hills
  • the man-made hills are perfect for hiking
  • it is home to the only waterfall river in the country
  • if you get tired from walking, there are benches under the trees
  • the ornamental trees around the park originated in various countries, including the Philippines

The park also comes alive at night time, with all the lights around the garden. Some restaurant façade also lights up at night.

The international restaurants feature Parisian, Indian, Turkish, Egyptian, and Armenian cuisine. The Tasty Street section offers more food choices. Guests are not allowed to consume food in the landscaped areas of the park.

If you visit the Katara Cultural Park during the cold season, you can just imagine how chilly it can get when you climb up the elevated areas. Better bring a jacket to keep you warm.

Videos: Tour of Katara Hills

Video: Water Fall River

The Katara Hills Park is divided into North and South. If you want to see the waterfall river, head on over to the North Hill section.

The calming effect of the water will help you relax. You can also rest your eyes as you look at the well-tended plants.

Watch the spectacular view of the waterfall river:

Other sights to see at the Katara Cultural Village

You have plenty of other places to visit if you want to wander beyond the park. If you are into museums and libraries, you can find these around the village. The amphitheater and mosques feature unique architectural designs.

The planetarium and art galleries can also help you appreciate the Qatari culture even more.

On the other hand, you can also head over to the beach if you want to go for a swim. Adult’s entrance fee is QR 100, while children older than 6 years can get in at QR 50. The beach opens as early as 10 AM.

How to get to Katara Cultural Village

The Katara Cultural Village is in West Bay. You can use the entrance near the Doha Exhibition Center, where you can get in for free. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a parking spot then you should enter through Lusail Street.

If you are using public transportation, you can take the Doha Metro. Take the Red Line and get off at the Katara Metro Station. Use the exit near Galeries Lafayette.

Go to Shakespeare Street and cross the road to get to North Hills. Meanwhile, the South Hills is located near Katara Mosque and Pigeon Towers.

The park signs say that operating hours are from 6 AM to 10 PM. There is no entrance fee.

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