Picture Perfect Places in Qatar

Qatar is a beautiful country. If you love taking pictures of scenery, be sure to bring your camera around will strolling through the beautiful views of this picturesque country. Wherever you look, your camera begs for that quick flash. Social media users who have Instagram accounts will find this country Instagram-mable!

The following are just a few of the many picture-perfect places in Qatar. Be sure to visit them when you get the chance.

picture perfect qatar

Where Best to Take Pictures in Qatar

1. The Museum of Islamic Art Park

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park is located adjacent to the museum. It offers a wonderful, picture-perfect view of the Doha skyline. Some park events that occur here include outdoor music performances, bazaars, outdoor cinemas, guided kayaking tour, fitness training, ladies day during Tuesdays, and more.

2. Qanat Quartier

Qanat Quartier is described as Venetian-esque, with its flowing canals, lovely architecture, restaurants, cafes, and the opportunity to stroll along and enjoy the picture-perfect scenery. You can even walk along a Rialto bridge, which is perhaps the best place to take selfies.

3. Katara Masjid

There are several Masjids in Qatar, but the Katara Masjid may be the most beautiful of them all. It is designed by no less than the world-renowned mosque designer, Zainab Fadil Oglu from Turkey. On the outside, the mosque is garnished with a purple and turquoise mosaic. Several parts of the Katara Masjid are inspired by other mosques from around the globe. These include both interior and exterior parts, the minaret, the mihrab (prayer niche), and more.

4. Doha Fort

The Doha Fort is also known as the Al Koort Fort. This is one of Qatar’s historical military fortresses, and it is now turned into a museum near the famous Souq Waqif. While not as old as some forts, you will surely learn to appreciate the Doha Fort, since it provides a glimpse of what the architecture and culture was like during the 19th century.

5. The Doha Desert

When you’re a first time visitor in Qatar, you shouldn’t miss seeing the desert. It is mostly an untouched region of the country, and when you see it for the first time, it literally takes your breath away. It’s not all the time you get to be somewhere where all you see is a vast region, miles upon miles, of sand. The desert has a lot of unique features as well that make it picture-perfect; rolling sand dunes, a gorgeous landscape and unblemished sand makes it a go to place.

These are just a few of the many picture-perfect places you can visit in Qatar. Be sure to bring your camera with you wherever you go.