5 Tips for Saving Money in Qatar

Working in another country is one thing; surviving in that country while working is another. While everyone is so eager to earn money by working hard, one cannot avoid to spend especially if he works in a country that has lots of things to offer.

Qatar, for instance, is a country where beaches, tourist destinations, and tempting foods are everywhere! While working in Qatar, one must know how to spend money wisely so that he/she can work, enjoy and still save money.

Ways to Save Money in Qatar

Here are some tips for you to save money while working in Qatar:

1. Budget your money and strictly follow it.

This is the basic step of saving money. Nothing beats a person who has plans. Budgeting gives direction to your hard-earned money. You can include in your budget your basic expenses such as food, house rental fee, bills, and the like, leisure expenses (if you want to enjoy your stay in Qatar) and, of course, your savings.  If you have a budget plan and you follow it strictly, you can avoid unnecessary expenditures and eventually save a lot.

2. Make a “things-to-buy” list before shopping.

Qatar is also known for its shopping malls. Surely, going to the malls is unavoidable especially if you need to purchase your basic necessities and if you want to relax after a stressful day at work. However, you can avoid unnecessary expenses if you have a list of things to buy before shopping. Of course, you need to challenge yourself to purchase only the items that are included in your list so that its purpose will not be a waste! This will not only save you from burning a hole in your pocket, but it will also save you from the stress and guilt caused by impulsive buying!

3. Prepare your own food.

Qatar surely has lots of delectable dishes and fancy restaurants that you may want to eat outside most of the time… especially on paydays and holidays! However, although the price of most foods in Qatar is reasonable, eating in restaurants or fast food outlets everyday will surely cost you a lot!

Preparing your own food for at least two to three times a week will save you from spending a lot of money on food. Bringing a packed lunch to work from time to time will save you from the stress of thinking about how to make it through the day with very limited pocket money.

Moreover, if you are that fond of Qatari dishes, why don’t you try cooking these yourself? This will greatly decrease your food (and restaurant/fast food chain) expenses.

4. Avoid spending too much money on leisure activities.

Stress from work is unavoidable. Activities such as eating out, exploring wonders of Qatar, taking side trips to tourist destinations, partying and buying new gadgets, clothes, and the like will surely help you relieve the stress you’re feeling after so much work! The question is, how will you relieve the stress that comes from thinking that you don’t have enough money to spend in the coming days and that your payday still has a long way to go? Such stress, however, is avoidable.

Try to avoid spending too much money on leisure activities. Limit your “eating out,” side trips, and the like. Think of other activities that will help you relax, and at the same time, cost you less — such as window shopping, going to nearby parks and beaches, hanging out with friends or neighbors at home, and other pastimes.

5. Look out for special deals and big discounts.

Of course, there are instances when you really want to eat out or go shopping or take side trips or take a tour of Qatar and have some fun. After all, you are still human and depriving yourself of what you enjoy in Qatar (aside from work) could also lead to stress and eventually homesickness (especially if you are an overseas worker).

If this is the case, try to look for restaurants that offer special deals, try to look for shops that offer discounts and special promos, and try to look for Qatar tour packages that have the cheapest but “worth it” offers.

Also, watch out for big deals and discounts in Qatar during holidays like Ramadan and  Eid. During these seasons, some goods tend to cost less than usual.


Earning money is hard. Saving it is harder. Hopefully, the above tips could help you save your hard-earned money. Meanwhile, if you are still new to Qatar and are looking for a place to stay, here are some tips for renting a place. This might help you save time and money as well!