New to Qatar? Here are Some Tips for Renting

Are you new to the beautiful country of Qatar? If you are, then you’re probably looking for a place to rent.

There are lots of options to choose from, and it can be overwhelming. You can either seek the aid of a real estate agent, ask help from your company, or rent privately. In any case, we’ve put together the following tips to help you out!

Tips for Renting in Qatar for Newcomers

#1. Housing Agency or Online Search

If you’re just starting out, try to check out some sites, like the property section on Qatar Living, for example. Here, you will find various featured apartments, villas, villa apartments, short term rentals, and shared accommodation for rent.

These categories are listed along with the photos, prices, and comments. You’ll probably be busy with many preparations once you arrive at Qatar, so this website is a great place to start.

#2. Prepare All Documents

Once you’ve decided where you will live, you should prepare all the documents you need to make the process easy and stress-free. Some of the documents you need include “for rent” checks and copies of your Resident Permit.

#3. Consider the Location

The importance of knowing the location of your new rental can’t be stressed enough. Just remember that wherever you choose to live, it should be accessible to your workplace, where your kids go to school, etc.

Remember, Qatar is quite famous for its traffic, and often it’s an inevitable part of your daily routine. That’s why it’s important to be as close to work and school as possible.

#4. Short-Term Serviced Apartments

Short-term serviced apartments are mentioned as one of the properties you can rent in Qatar. These apartments are already fully or partially furnished.

With these types of apartments, you don’t have to worry about the furniture. However, you should consider the fact that they can be quite expensive; just make sure you have the budget.

#5. Covered Parking

During summer, the temperature can be exceptionally high in Qatar. You don’t want your car exposed to the heat of the sun in the morning; otherwise, your early morning ride will be uncomfortable to say the least! And speaking of summer, here are some tips for preventing skin cancer whenever you go outdoors.

So these are five tips you need when you are just starting out in Qatar and finding a place to stay. Remember, you can always check online for available properties. Make sure that the place and location is convenient for you and your lifestyle. Meanwhile, here is a basic guide to Qatar, which contains more information for newcomers.