5 Frequently Asked Questions About Qatar

If you’re planning to move to Qatar, you probably have a lot of questions in your mind. It is important to be informed and learn more about the country prior to visiting it. After all, what if there’s some information you needed to know, like what you shouldn’t bring to the airport, how you need to interact with the locals, and more.

The following are 5 of the most frequently asked questions about the country. Hopefully the answers to these questions will help you decide if Qatar is a good place for you to move into. It should also hopefully spark interest in you to learn more about the country by doing significant research.

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FAQs Before Working in Qatar

1. Why should I work in Qatar?

The answer to this question depends largely on whether you are personally interested in moving to Qatar and if your circumstances allow it. However, most expats who chose to work in Qatar do so because they know they can earn more. Qatar is the richest country in the world in terms of per capita GDP, thanks to its abundance in oil and natural gas. Therefore, it is not short on wealth and can provide its residents and citizens with more than enough financial stability.

2. Is there work available in Qatar?

Before moving to Qatar, most expats already know what work they will have once they enter the country. Some of them have already sought the help of a recruiting agency to land them a job, while others have already contacted their employers online. Before you enter Qatar, you must have a host sponsor so that you can have a work residence permit. The most abundant jobs in Qatar are those related to the oil and gas industry as well as in construction.

3. How do I get a visa?

To get a visa, you need to visit the Qatar embassy. The authorities will then tell you what requirements you need to comply before you can travel to Qatar. In addition, as previously stated, you need a work residence permit which can be obtained through Qatar’s Ministry of Interior. The application of this permit should be sponsored by your employer in Qatar.

4. What about the accommodations?

Qatar has many housing sites. If you want to save money, and are entering Qatar alone, you may want to avail of a bed space. This is the cheapest way to get accommodation in Qatar. If you want to live more conveniently, you can try to live in an apartment, or in a housing compound with your fellow expats.

5. Can I drive in Qatar?

Public transportation in Qatar is not as extensive as it could be. The most convenient way is to buy a car. You need to be a good driver though since the traffic is a bit different compared to what you’re used to. You need a Qatar driving license is required if you want to drive in the country.

There are many other questions out there, like the climate, the expat community, the food, night entertainment, and more. The great thing about today’s world is that almost all information is just one click away. Everything you need to know about Qatar you can find in website such as this and other online resources.