How to Use Metrash2 for Convenient Transactions in Qatar

Metrash2 is an app that has really made government transactions so much easier. Before the app, you had to wait in line for hours at an office; it doesn’t help that it’s normally a hot day outside. Through the Metrash2 app, all you need is a smartphone and the comforts of your home to make important transactions.

This article will provide details on how to install and activate the app, and then how to use it for government transactions.

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Image Credit: Ministry of Interior – Qatar Facebook Page

Installing and Using Metrash2: A Step-by-Step Guide

The following steps are provided to us by a YouTube channel named The Curious Mrs. In this video, you will learn how to install the Metrash2 app and use it. Several examples, some of which will be highlighted in this article, regarding which services you can use with the app, can be found near the end of this video.

What is Metrash2?

First and foremost, the Metrash2 app is originally launched in 2011 with a few government services available. It has grown since then and now has more than 150 services which you can access in 6 different languages. More importantly, you can access the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The services include the following: residency / Qatar ID renewal, drivers license renewal, vehicle registration renewal and transfer, visa application and follow up, traffic violation check and payment, checking the expiry date of ID and passport, and so much more.

How to register?

After downloading and installing the Metrash2 app in your Android or iOS phone, you will see the official logo and a welcome message. Select English, or your preferred language at the bottom. Next you will enter your QID number and card expiry. Be sure that your mobile number is actually registered under your name. Registration happens when you buy a sim card and you fill out a form and you give a copy of your ID or passport.

You will then be directed to your phone’s messages app, where a message for 92992 will automatically be drafted. Once you press send, wait for two activation codes. You will receive a message confirming your registration to the Metrash2 services plus the two activation codes.

Go back to Metrash 2 and enter the activation codes. Then you’ll need a pin code. Set a 6-digit pin code. Then click submit. You are now ready to login to Metrash2 using your QID number and pin code. Once you click login, accept the Terms and Conditions for using the app, then you’re good to go.

How to use Metrash2 to process transactions

The Metrash2 app has two major tabs, My Info and Services. Let’s take a closer look at both.

1. My Info

You can see the following features under My Info: a list of your official documents, Qatar ID expiry date, Passport expiry date, Details for relevant documents such as ID, passport date of birth, date of entry, driver’s license, and more.

There is also a row for Residency services, which provides family or dependents details. There is another row for Traffic, which shows vehicle details including the model of the car, plate number, registration and more.

2. Services

Under Services, there are several government services which are categorized as follows: Residency, Visa and more. Under Residency, you have residency cancellation, issue residence permit, and residency renewal. Under visa you have, visa follow up , visa approval, visa operation, and visa holder’s list.

Example Metrash2 Service: How to Renew Residency

Let’s say you want to renew your residence. All expats need a sponsor so they can work in Qatar. For residence renewal, you need to use your sponsor’s Metrash2 account. In this case, you are a dependent, so under the Renew Your Residence service, tick the box corresponding to your name under list of dependents.

Next, choose the number of years you want to renew your residence. There are three options: 1 year, 2 years, and 3 years. Choose 3 years, since the fee is the same for all options anyway, specifically, QAR 100.

The next thing you need to do is choose how you will receive the card. There are two choices: either you pick it up yourself at the immigration department, or you pay an additional QAR 20 so that it will be delivered to your residence through QPOST. You must enter your complete address; your zone number, street number, and building number, then within two days a QPOST representative will contact you and update you regarding the ID delivery. Learn more about QPOST through their website or by dialing 104.

Finally, click on Pay, then you’re done!

As you can see, Metrash2 has really made government transactions so much easier! This shows that the government of Qatar is dedicated to modernization and making the lives of their citizens and residents more convenient.