Family Visit Visa Application now Available Online

Qatar residents can now apply for a family visit visa online. This is through the efforts of the Ministry of Interior. Application can be done through the Metrash2 app or the MOI website.

This new service is easy to use. Applicants will either go to the MOI website or use the Metrash2 app on their smart phones. And in cases where the applicant has other issues, the system can notify them.

Image Credit: MOI Qatar FB

Another Alternative for Family Visit Visa Application

A family visit visa is needed so that family members can come to Qatar for a short-term visit. To enable this, Qatar residents will have to apply for the said visa. And now, a more convenient way would be to apply online. They can proceed with their application by going to the MOI website or the Metrash2 app on their cell phones.

Image Credit: MOI Qatar FB

Brigadier Mohammed Ahmed Al Ateeq, Director General of the Department of Passport and Expatriates Affairs of MOI, explains that the new service is easy to use. It also provides the necessary feedback to the applicant, in cases where there are missing requirements or other similar issues. The Director General also said that this new service has been pre-tested for two months or more to ensure that it will be fully functional. He also said that the department will continue to evaluate the online application service.

Image Credit: MOI Qatar FB

The family visit visa is valid for a month. If the visitors would like to extend the stay for more than a month, they need to have a physical examination within the first 72 hours upon arrival in Qatar. Only then can they apply for an extension.

First and second degree relatives and in-laws (such as parents, siblings and spouses) can have their visa extended for another five months. Other relatives can only extend their visas for up to two months. Some of the required documents for applying for the family visit visa are: personal ID or passport of the applicant, valid passport of the family member, marriage contract, and letter from the applicant’s employer indicating profession and salary.