5 Health Tips from Qatar Government

The government of Qatar has invested heavily in healthcare during the last few decades. In fact, a 2016 survey by the World Health Organization places Qatar as the 31st country with the highest life expectancy for both male and female, and 1st among Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Qatar has emphasized the importance of nutrition in terms of health and wellness. The government advocates the importance of having a proper diet to act as fuel for movement and growth. A proper diet consists of one that has the right balance of much needed nutrients and is enough in quantity so that there’s not too much nor too little. Through the right kind of food, people will avoid harmful diseases including, but not limited to, various kinds of cancer, bone porosity, cerebral hemorrhage, diabetes and heart disease.

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Qatar Shares the Following Tips for a Better Health

According to the portal website of the government of Qatar, nutritional food tips can be divided according to age group. For each age bracket, the following nutritional tips are recommended:

1. Nutrition Tips for Kids


The following are the recommended food for your kids body and brain development. For dairy products, kids need to eat cheese, drink low-fat milk, sweets rich in vitamin and calcium and more. They also need to eat fresh fruits like apple, pears, dried fruit grapes and strawberries. Vegetables are also highly important for young children. They need small tomatoes and small carrots in their diet, as well as cucumber, celery and green pepper. Kids also need full grains, pastry and biscuit, and soft protein like those from hazel nuts, lima beans, chicken slices, turkey and more.

2. Nutrition Tips for School Students


School students are highly prone to eating junk food. Therefore, parents must ensure the nutrition is adequate at home, and if possible, let them bring the right kind of food to school. One glass of milk is ideal in the morning and the evening, as well as cheese and yogurt. Fat content should be reduced, so don’t let kids eat chicken skins. Using oil should be lessened as well, which means that they shouldn’t eat fried food and eat boiled or grilled instead. For kids in this age group, fiber rich foods is the way to go. That includes grains, vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, chips, chocolates and sweets should be drastically reduced in the diet of school children.

3. Nutrition Tips for Pregnant Women


Pregnant women should give up harmful vices, such as smoking and drinking, if they are previously engaged in such. Pregnant women should eat foods rich in mineral salts, proteins, vitamins and carbohydrate-rich foods, which are found in fresh vegetables, full grains, and meat. Non-vegetarians can eat eggs, cheese, poultry, seafood or red meat. Vegetarians have alternative protein sources like nuts, grains, pistachios and eggs.

4. Nutrition Tips for the Elderly


Most of the diseases tied with the elderly are related to lack of proper nutrition. The older age group should reduce their consumption of saturated fats, which are found in oil, cream, butter and lean meat. They should also minimize sweets and sugars. Instead, they should eat fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, brown bread and more. They should also drink lots of water, and also, they are better off eating 5 light meals rather than 3 full meals on a daily basis.

5. Nutrition Tips for Athletes


Athletes have the most active lifestyle in this list. As such, they need extra amounts of nutrition for growth and regeneration. They need the right amounts of carbohydrates for the energy required to sustain sporting practices, such as practice and the actual competitions. Breakfast, in particular, is even more important for athletes than for other groups in this list.

These are some of the wise nutrition tips from the government of Qatar. There seems to be a general trend that fruits, nuts and vegetables are the healthiest foods you can eat. As always, we should take care of our bodies and ensure proper nutrition at all times.