Where You Can Eat Filipino Street Food in Qatar

When you’re working abroad, there will be days when you miss the Philippines. One way to feel better is when you eat street food. In Qatar, there is a place you can go to where you can eat Filipino street food and reminisce the good old days when you used to be back home.

In this article, a YouTuber named Karla del Mundo shares her experience eating street food in the Night Market at the Sheraton Park. She is relatively new in the city, so she sought the help of a Filipino friend who has been working in Qatar for years now.

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Image Credit: Kulas and Grasya Adventures PH Facebook Page

Pinoy Street Foods That You Can Find in Qatar

In this video, Karla and her friend Jrold went on a food trip in Doha to find Pinoy street food, or “ihaw ihaw” food. They asked around and finally came across a night market near the Sheraton Hotel.

Ihaw-Ihaw Place

The night market located near Sheraton hotel is a favorite hangout place among Filipinos. However, it is also a favorite go-to location for people of other nationalities, because there are a variety of food stalls selling international cuisine as well.

There is a specific location where you can get access to all kinds of Pinoy street food at an affordable price, and with the karaoke belting out Pinoy-favorite songs, the place surely brings out that local vibe that makes the Pinoy heart happy.

Pinoy Street Foods

So what Pinoy street foods can you find at the Sheraton Park? When you think of street food, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is isaw. Isaw is indeed one of the more popular delicacies in this area, and they typically come in two flavors, beef and chicken. Obviously pork is not sold here as it is banned in public in the country.

Isaw at this night market typically sells for 5 riyals. They also sell inihaw na hotdog, also for 5 riyals, balingit, which is derived from cow ears, the popular taho, iskrambol at 10 riyals, banana cue, chicken sisig, torta, pearl shake at 10 riyals, lumpia togue at 5 riyals, chicken barbecue, and so much more.

The sauce is also a hit here and really brings out memories of the Philippines. Sauce includes vinegar with chili, which goes great with any ihaw-ihaw street food, sweet and chili sauce, and they also have side dishes like kikiam.

The YouTubers bought these street foods at a store in the night market called Turo-Turo Pinoy Food. After eating, they decided to walk a bit further to see what else there is in store. It’s not just a food place; there are other activities similar to the ones you see in local peryas back home.

Qatar Street Food Festival

Another place where you can try Pinoy street food is during the annual Street Food Festival. Last year’s festival was held at the Al Bidda Park last November, 2019. Here you can try lots of international and local cuisines with more than 80 food stalls. Kids will also enjoy the bouncy castles and trampolines, and there will be street food competitions.

The fact that you can eat Pinoy street food in Qatar shows how strong the Filipino community is in the country. It also shows that Qatar is a culturally diverse nation that has willingly embraced other nationalities while preserving its own heritage.