What Life is Like as a Barber in Qatar

The following article shares the life of an OFW barber in Qatar. It talks about how he got into the job, his life in the country, and what keeps him going despite the hardships of working abroad.

If you wish to work as a barber in Qatar, the following insights might help you get a glimpse into how you might live and work in the country. The story is truly inspiring and offers some tips into how you can become a successful barber in Qatar.

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Barber Shares His Life in Qatar

The OFW, Eduard Soriano, is originally from Pangasinan. He decided to work abroad as a barber when he had 3 kids. He said being a barber and being single is okay, and you can also be financially stable if you have your own barber shop. However, when you have a family, he said it’s not enough to be employed in the profession, that’s why he decided to find a job abroad.

The opportunity to work abroad came when a recruiter he knew from Pangasinan was recruiting to work as a barber in Saudi Arabia. He went back and forth three times, but on the third time, he decided not to return to Saudi anymore, but go to Qatar instead. Another friend of his recruited him to work as a barber in Qatar.

Life as a Barber in Qatar

Eduard mentioned that his life as a barber in Qatar is pretty routine. Every day he wakes up early, takes a bath, eats breakfast, and by 9:00 AM goes to work in the barber shop. He just lives in the barber shop with 5 other barbers including their supervisor. By 12 noon, they eat their lunch, then work resumes in the afternoon and ends at 11:00 PM.

How Much a Barber Earns in Qatar

Eduard’s monthly salary is not fixed. It depends on how much he can earn in a month, and he gets a percentage of that. Typically, he aims for QAR 7000 a month, and his take home salary becomes QAR 2400 to QAR 2600. In Philippine Pesos, that is equivalent to PHP 33,340 to PHP 36,120. That excludes the tip.

Eduard also said that he gives his entire monthly salary to his family in the Philippines. That’s because the tips he receive are more than enough for his expenses in Qatar. He also said that his wife has a little store at home, and she uses the earnings for utility bills and school allowances for the kids. The money Eduard sends back home is usually for his kids’ school fees and other expenses.

Where the Barber Lives

In the video, Eduard showed the kitchen and bedroom space in the barbershop where all workers and the supervisor live. After work, they talk a little bit before going to bed, but three times a week they go out to buy stuff or unwind.

Tips for Those Who Want to Work Abroad

Eduard said that sometimes it’s hard when you realize that you’re not there with your family while your children are growing. However, he said that he’s grateful that he can video chat his kids, making him less lonely. When his eldest daughter graduates, he plans to spend 3 to 4 more years abroad, save money so that when he returns home he will put up his own barber shop.

If you want to work as an OFW in Qatar, the video teaches that you must focus on your job, not do anything illegal so you will stay long in the job, and when you’re working, think about who you are doing it for and be ready to make sacrifices. Nothing is hard when you set a goal and stick to it.