5 Best Barber Shops or Salons in Qatar

Are you thinking about starting a career as a barber in Qatar? The barbering industry is growing bigger and bigger. Having a career as a barber, especially if you love the job, will be extra rewarding and not feel like work. You can be your own boss as a barber, have lots of friends, bring your skills anywhere in the world, and earn a decent amount of money. You may consider working at some of the best barbershops in Qatar, where you will work with the best and earn valuable experience.

On the other end of the spectrum lies another important question: are you looking to have a haircut while in Qatar? If you’re thinking of getting one, you might as well go to the best barber shops to get your money’s worth.

qatar barber shop

Where You Should Get a Haircut in Qatar

There are plenty of reputable barber shops in the country. Here are 5 of them.

1. Four Seasons Barber Shop

The Barber Shop Doha, located at Four Seasons Hotel, has a reputation of being the best men’s cut compared to other shops in the surrounding area. Most reviewers say the barbers are very professional, and there are lots of seats so it can accommodate many customers. It offers a comfortable ambience. It is worth QAR 100 for two washes and a cut.

2. Hive Saloon

Hive Saloon is one of the more luxurious barbershops in Doha. It is located in Fereej Bin Mahmoud, in front of Black Pepper Restaurant. It has the catchy slogan, “We make you handsome,” and specializes in men’s and kids grooming. Services include hair cutting, shaving, beard setting, dandruff treatment, fish pedicure, diamond facial, gold facial, papaya facial, pearl facial, threading, and more.

3. Her Avenue Salon and Spa

This time let’s look at a salon specifically for women in Qatar. The Her Avenue Salon and Spa is located in Salwa Road, Doha. It includes a VIP area which has a Jacuzzi, and most of the staff here are Filipina women. Check out the video to see how nice the salon is.

4. Looks Men’s Salon

The Looks Men’s Salon is located in The Pearl Qatar, Medina Centrale MC3 in Doha. Most customers say their experience in this salon is great due to the professional and well-experienced barbers and staff. Some even say that cutting in this salon is like a science in terms of accuracy and diligence.

5. Arizona Hair Cutting Salon

The Arizona Hair Cutting Salon has been showcased by a YouTuber who travels around the world to have haircuts and share a bit of history and culture about the country. It is a top Turkish barber located in Flat No. 8, Building No. 12, Al Matar Al Qadeem St., Doha. Their best services are the haircut, neck wet shave, beard trim, fire on the ear, hot towel, and you are given tea before starting the haircut.

If you want to get pampered and look prettier or more handsome, go to one of these barber shops or salons in Qatar. You definitely deserve a personal treat after all the stress from work.