Filipino HOT Pack: A Place to Taste Filipino Cuisine

Missing your favorite Filipino food? There’s no need to worry since the Filipino HOT Pack has everything you are looking for! Whether you are looking for Pinoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll come out satisfied every time you visit.

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Head on over to Bin Omran or Madinat Khalifa to get your fill of food to satisfy your cravings. Filipino HOT Pack offers dine-in services, or you can have your orders to go.

kakanin Filipino HOT Pack
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Home of the Best Filipino Cuisine

Even if you are several kilometers away from home, you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite Pinoy meals. Filipino HOT Pack has branches in Bin Omran and Madinat Khalifa; these branches are your new destination for home-cooked Filipino dishes.

Aside from breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, you can also get your favorite Filipino snacks here. If you like kakanin or puto, then you are in the right place. You can also have your fill of much-loved street food.

Breakfast Meals

Breakfast has always been associated with silog meals.What better way to start the day than by having a longsilog, tapsilog, bangsilog, tocilog, chicksilog, hotsilog, and cornsilog.


If you want to have a light meal or something you can eat quickly, you can also choose from the noodle dishes available at Filipino HOT Pack. Order a serving of your favorite pancit canton guisado or pancit bihon guisado. Or you can also try some sotanghon guisado, spaghetti, or seafood palabok. For a steaming bowl of soup, they have beef lomi, beef batchoy, chicken lomi, or chicken mami.

noodles Filipino HOT Pack
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Chicken, Beef, and Seafood

For hearty meals, the Filipino HOT Pack offers a wide range of lunch and dinner options. Find chicken curry, chicken Bicol express, chicken dinakdakan, or sweet and sour chicken breast. There’s also your favorite fried chicken, tinolang manok, or chicken adobo.

If you’re looking for beef dishes, you won’t be disappointed. Have your favorite beef bulalo, beef crispy pata, or bopis.

You can also find seafood meals such as rellenong bangus, daing na bangus, or pinaputok na tilapia. Enjoy various sinigang options like lapu-lapu, hipon, or tilapia.

meals at Filipino HOT Pack
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Grilled Food and Appetizers

Any Filipino meal will not be complete without the beloved inihaw. Have some chicken barbecue, inihaw na bangus, or chicken inasal with rice. You won’t have to travel far to find chicken or beef isaw.

Have some street food like kwek-kwek, kikiam, chicken skin chicharon, or adobong mani when you visit. You can even have a platter of street food for sharing.

isaw Filipino HOT Pack
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Desserts and Drinks

Why not cap off a hearty meal with cheese cake or brazo de Mercedes? Or take a pick from your favorite native foods like maja blanca, kutsinta, or turon. Or have your favorite leche flan, whether in a small or big serving.

For something refreshing, have some sago’t gulaman, mais con yelo, or halo-halo. You can also choose fruit shakes, fruit juice, teas, or soda.

Photo Credit: Filipino HOT Pack Facebook

Group Meals

The Filipino HOT Pack offers Barkada Meals consisting of noodles, soup, and a main course. There are also vegetable dishes to choose from. On the other hand, there are party trays for groups up to 20. If you want to have a party, you can order from their seafood, beef, chicken, or noodle dishes. There is also a tray of kakanin to add to the food table.

Visit the restaurant today and be spoilt for choice. Bring a friend or two and enjoy the extensive menu.

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