Getting to Know the Pearl of Beirut Restaurant

Al Khor may be several kilometers away from Doha. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go far to get a taste of Filipino food.

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Pearl of Beirut is a favorite destination among Filipinos. When you want a taste of home, visit this restaurant and eat to your heart’s content.

Filipino menu
Photo Credit: Pearl of Beirut Restaurant Facebook page

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

Where to go in Al Khor

In the YouTube channel Filipiknows Network, we can know more about the Pearl of Beirut Restaurant. If you are in Al Khor, you might want to see this restaurant for yourself.

Here are the takeaways from the vlog:

  • There were no Filipino restaurants in Al Khor before Pearl of Beirut Restaurant.
  • The restaurant has been in operation for 20 years. The first owner was the Lebanese man who married a Filipina.
  • The Lebanese and Filipina couple then sold Pearl of Beirut Restaurant to another owner who turned it into an Indian-Filipino restaurant.
  • Eventually, the restaurant was sold to the current owners. It is now an Indonesian-Filipino restaurant.
  • The current management has been running the restaurant for 8 years.
  • There are two kitchens in the Pearl of Beirut Restaurant. One is for the Indonesian menu and the other one is for the Filipino menu.
  • The owner decided to have two kitchens so that it will still be orderly even if they are catering to plenty of diners.
  • It also makes sense to have a separate kitchen since they use different ingredients for the two kinds of menus.
  • The restaurant offers well-loved Filipino snacks.
  • The Pearl of Beirut Restaurant is easily the favorite restaurant of Filipinos in Al Khor.
  • The Pearl of Beirut Restaurant is located along Al Khor Corniche.
  • Finally, the vlogger recommends stopping by the Pearl of Beirut Restaurant after a long drive in Al Khor.

Watch the full video here:

Pearl of Beirut Restaurant

The Facebook account of Pearl of Beirut Restaurant shows the various menu that they offer. For Filipino cuisine, they serve vegetable dishes like pinakbet, egg ampalaya, and chop suey.

They also offer seafood dishes like tinolang tahong, daing na bangus, and butter prawn. Those looking for Filipino snacks will not be disappointed because they offer leche flan, halo-halo, and banana split. You can order Filipino snacks for as low as QAR 3. Meals prices range from QAR 20 to 60. Some promo meals also include a slice of watermelon.

Filipino meals and dessert
Photo Credit: Pearl of Beirut Restaurant Facebook page

Those who want to try Indonesian cuisine can also try nasi goreng and other meals on the menu.

Pearl of Beirut Restaurant offers delivery via Talabat. They also provide catering services.

After visiting the restaurant, you can roam around Al Khor to see what the city has to offer. You can spend the day seeing both old and new sights. You can go to the fishing village, see the Al Bayt Stadium, or go to Al Khor Beach.

Al Khor is about 49.7 km from Doha if you take the Al Khor Coastal Road. Getting to Al Khor is more convenient using a private vehicle because it will only take about 45 minutes. However, those who use public transport can also get there using the bus or the Doha Metro. The Red Line of the Doha Metro goes to Al Khor. Travel time is about 90 minutes.

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