Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery in Qatar

If you are feeling nostalgic about Filipino food, there is a favorite destination in Filipino Souq. When you go there on Fridays, you might have to wait in line. The place is called Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery. And it has been serving the Filipinos in Qatar for almost three decades.

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Photo Credit: Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery Facebook page

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

Food as Cure for Homesickness at Pilipino Restaurant & Bakery in Qatar

Nowadays, there are many Filipino restaurants in Qatar. One of the earliest food establishments is called Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery.

This YouTube video from Filipiknows Network discusses the history of Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery. Here are the take-aways from the video:

  • The restaurant started in 1993. The original name is Pilipino Bakery.
  • A Palestinian family owns this restaurant. The initial cooks were from the Bicol Region. They helped the restaurant grow and gain more customers.
  • The restaurant started as a bakery. Later on, they started offering homecooked food.
  • There used to be a “Bicol Express” name in the restaurant signage.
  • Eventually, the original Bicolano cooks went home. At present, the cooks are mostly from Aklan. Some of them knew about the job opportunity from their relatives that are already in Qatar.
  • The vlogger interviewed the cook. And according to the cook, they started with four viands. But because of the long line of customers, they added more meals so now they have 10 viands every day.
  • Lugaw or goto and pansit are the top favorites. The cook prepares a large bowl of lugaw every day.
  • Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery produces 1,000 pieces of siopao every Friday. There are times when this quantity is not enough for their patrons.
  • Patrons love going to this restaurant because eating there cures their homesickness. They also say that the food tastes homecooked, making them feel at home.
  • This establishment is one of the favorites of the Filipino community in Qatar.
  • The usual meal offering of bread, lugaw, pansit and siopao completes the day of every kabayan in Qatar.
  • The vlogger concludes that eating at Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery has become a popular Filipino culture in Doha.
  • The footage of the patrons eating at Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery was from 2019, before the pandemic.

Video: Pilipino Restaurant Qatar

Check out this clip which showcases an insight into the history and beginnings of this humble restaurant that has grown over the years in Qatar. You can watch the full video here:

More Information About the Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery

If you visit their website, you will also find out the history of the establishment. The restaurant has been operating for more than two decades now. And they continue to serve the dishes that Filipinos love.

The gallery features mouth-watering dishes. The main ingredients of each menu are also listed. The list is comprehensive. If this is your first time going to Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery, then you will have an idea of what you can order.

viand and bakery products
Photo Credit: Pilipino Restaurant and Bakery Facebook page

If the Filipino Souq is quite far from your location, you would be pleased to know that there are other branches you can visit. These are in Mansoura, Mesaleed, Al-Sadd, Al-Khor, Al Wakrah, Dar al-Salam Mall, and the Industrial Area. Their other branch in Muaither offers bakery goods only.

The establishment also offers catering services. Finally, you can also have your orders delivered via Talabat and Wishbox.

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Pilipino Restaurant Branches in Qatar

Souq Asiri Branch
Opening Hours: 8AM-11PM
Contact Number: 55706199

Mansoura Branch
Opening Hours: 8AM-11PM
Contact Number: 44580330

Al Wakrah Branch
Opening Hours: 8AM-11PM
Contact Number: 70987401

Dar Al Salam Mall Branch
Opening Hours: 8AM-11PM
Contact Number: 30356145

Contact Information

Telephone Number: 55518056
Website: https://www.pilipino-restaurant.com/
Email: info@pilipino-restaurant.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/filipino_restaurant_baker/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinoybakerySouq