What OFWs in Qatar Do During Their Day Off

Are you wondering what OFWs in Qatar do during their free time? That’s an easy question to answer because Qatar offers a lot of activities and has a lot of parks, museums, gymnasiums, and malls you can visit when you have the time.

OFWs look forward to spending at least one day to explore the beauty of Qatar, and just spend time alone or with friends to unwind after several days of work.

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Fun Things to Do During Your Day Off in Qatar

The following are three videos of OFWs sharing their day off activities. In general, OFWs like to participate in social activities, eat and shop during their day off.

OFWs love visiting the Souq Waqif during their days off. In this particular example, the vloggers went to the famous Souq to buy a tripod for their camera. They also looked for a place to eat. There are several options if you’re looking for Filipino dishes, and in this video, they went to the Filipino Restaurant and Bakery.

Inside this restaurant you can see all the Filipino dishes and snacks you are most familiar with. Indeed, entering the restaurant feels like going back to the Philippines. In the video, the vloggers ordered siopao and arroz caldo.

The vloggers also went to other parts of the Souq, where they bought other stuff and shared information about where you can buy shoes. Surely, one of the favorite things OFWs love doing during their day off is shop at the Souq.

In this video, a group of OFWs and members of the Qatar vlogging community spent their day off doing lots of fun-filled activities. First off, they went to the Aspire Dome; a huge and modern sports complex with a variety of sports courts. They went to the Aspire dome for a Friendship cup basketball tournament participated by Filipino workers of Qatar.

The video mentioned that basketball is still a popular sport or leisurely activity in Qatar among Filipinos, and that just shows how much we love the sport. After watching the game, they went to Wendy’s at the Al Jazeera Petrol Station. It is fascinating how getting inside Wendy’s is like being transported back to the Philippines, as the workers in the restaurant and the customers are all Filipino.

After eating at Wendy’s the group decided to visit their friend’s house. Some of the members of the group took this opportunity to rest and take a power nap. The video shows that an OFW will probably spend lots of time with their co-Filipinos during their day off. To many of these OFWs, they are working far away from home, so they treat their friends in Qatar as family.

They decided to go to another restaurant afterwards, this time a Paris-themed coffee shop named Lemonde, where they tried new flavors of milk tea. They then visited the house of one of the basketball players who played in the Aspire Dome earlier in the day, where they sang karaoke and hang out with friends again till midnight.

In this video, the vlogger wen to Al Bidda Park to play basketball and showcase the beautiful scenery, architecture, and other activities you can do at the Park. You can see free workout stations all around the park, and you can use them for free. The park also has nice fenced basketball courts, football court a futsal court, and more.

The Al Bidda Park also has a museum and coffee shops. Lots of people hang out at this Park. Some of them bring their dogs along for the regular walk.

Remember, don’t spend all of your time working. When you have a day off, use it for leisurely activities. In Qatar, it’s not hard to find fun activities and places to hang out.