How Much Does an OFW Engineer Earn in Qatar?

Being an engineer is one of the best jobs you can have. While it has a reputation of being a difficult course in many Universities, once you graduate, your hardships will be rewarded. Your technical and critical thinking skills as an engineer will be truly valuable to many ventures not just in Qatar but all over the world.

In the video below, an OFW engineer shares her salary and expenses in Qatar. She mentioned that she is sharing the information not to brag but to let people know how much they are really earning. The video also serves to inspire others who may wish to pursue an engineering career in Qatar.

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An Engineer in Qatar Shares Her Salary

Factors that Affect Salary

There are many factors regarding how much an OFW engineer can earn in Qatar. The first factor is how you are wired. As an OFW, there are basically two ways in which you are hired. First is when you are locally hired. Second is when you are hired through an agency.

When you are hired through an agency, you will most likely earn less than when you are locally hired, since you have to pay the agency for landing you a job. But there are perks to being hired through an agency. These perks include receiving help in processing papers, and in some cases, getting free accommodation and transportation.

Another factor is your work experience. If you have experience working in other countries, especially in the Middle East, then usually the employer will give you a bigger salary. The pay also depends on the company. Good companies not only provide higher salaries, they also provide good benefits.

How Much an Engineer Earns in Qatar

The YouTuber didn’t specify exactly how much she earns as an engineer. However, she did mention that the salary for a first-timer in the company she works for is somewhere around QAR 7,000. That is equivalent to around PHP 98,000. This is an all-in type of salary, which means that this doesn’t include free accommodation or transportation, like what you have in other companies.


You can save money if you stay in a bed space. Bed spaces are usually worth QAR 600 – 700. Its even better if you live near the workplace; that way you can save on travel expenses. If you take the bus, that will cost you about QAR 150 per month. If you decide to take the taxi every time you go to work, that costs you around QAR 300 monthly.

For food, it depends on your consumption, how frequently you eat in restaurants. Food spending is roughly around QAR 500. If you spend a lot of data for Internet, you may spend QAR 100. That leaves you with savings of around QAR 500, or Php 76,600. That’s a huge amount of savings per month. Something that is hard to achieve for the common employee in the Philippines.

Some OFW engineers in Qatar have a monthly salary of around QAR 5000 – 6000, but that’s okay. It really depends on how well you spend and save. If you have years of experience with the company, and as you continue to progress, your salary may go as high as QAR 15,000 as mentioned by the video vlogger.

Surely the video has convinced most of you that having an engineering career in Qatar is rewarding, not just money-wise, but also because you are helping build a nation that is at the climax of progress and innovation.