5 Reasons Why Qatar is Great at Scientific Research

Being great at scientific research is one of the ways Qatar understands it can do to help achieve the National Vision 2030. In particular, the national vision’s four pillars: human development, social development, economic development, and environmental development, all would benefit from scientific research. The process of scientific thinking, after all, anchors on evidence-based conclusions and recommendations, and so this smart approach to problem solving will definitely pay dividends.

Indeed, scientific research will help Qatar become a more advanced society; one that is self-sustaining and maintains, if not further improves, its current state of progress. Through scientific research, Qatar’s citizens and residents will enjoy a high standard way of life for years to come. In light of this promise, Qatar has organized several scientific research institutions dedicated to research and development across all aspects of Qatari society.

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Qatar’s Top Scientific Research Institutions

1. Qatar Foundation

The long name version of the Qatar Foundation is actually Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The Qatar Foundation is responsible for supporting all scientific research in the country by means of providing financial support, handling organizations and promoting the value of conducting scientific research. When it comes to Education, the Qatar Foundation has organized several educational institutions, such as colleges, centers and institutions, all conducting scientific research in a collaborative and productive manner.

2. Qatar National Research Fund

The Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) promotes scientific research in various disciplines, such as the physical and biological sciences, technology and engineering, medical, social and humanitarian sciences, through competition. That is, researchers and research groups or institutions in the country apply for funding or receive awards for excellent research. Interested researchers will submit proposals so they can avail of project funding in their respective fields.

As an example, the QNRF is currently advertising the Graduate Sponsorship Research Award (GSRA), which helps support excellent students who wish to pursue graduate studies, particularly those that are research-based. Through the GSRA, these students can get their PhD with financial support at approved educational institutions locally or abroad.

3. Qatar Science and Technology Park

The Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) is a research institution that focuses on four key research areas, namely, information communication technology, health science, environment and energy. It has several programs for innovation and idea incubation. It also provides funding and sponsors research-related activities and engagements. For example, the QSTP has a Research to Startup Program which helps researchers to receive support from entrepreneurs so that they can develop products and services that are technology-based, and these products and services will then be commercialized.

4. Qatar Computing Research Institute

The Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) is a research institute operated by the Hamad bin Khalifa University. It focuses on computing research that is mainly focused on Qatar’s priorities for progress and growth.

5. Qatar Biomedical Research Institute

The Qatar Biomedical Research Institute (QBRI) is another research institute, this time operated by the Qatar Foundation Research and Development. It has three main research centers: the Neurological Disorders Center, the Diabetes Center, the Cancer Research Center, and it also has a grants program for interdisciplinary research.

Indeed, the government of Qatar recognizes the value of scientific research and scientific thinking in general, to try to solve the problems of the world in an efficient, logical, comprehensive and organized manner. With these efforts, Qatar is surely inviting long-term progress for a better future.