5 Facts About the Qatar Science and Technology Park

It is true that for a nation to be highly progressive, it needs to put science and technology among its list of top government policy priorities. That’s exactly what Qatar has done and continues to do with the Qatar Science & Technology Park. In fact, the Qatar Science and Technology Park calls itself an innovation hub which is a place where you have access to all the business developments from around the globe.

Furthermore, the Qatar Science and Technology Park is a community for product development, research and development, entrepreneurs, technology start ups, innovation, and more. It gets people who are passionate about making the world a better place to make strides in energy, environment, health science, and information communication technology.

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Why Qatar Science and Technology Park is the Future

1. Innovation in Education

The Arab Innovation Academy (AIA) is the result of a collaboration between the Qatar Science and Technology Park and the European Innovation Academy (EIA). It is as tech entrepreneurship program that lasts for two weeks, often catering to more than 200 students from 30 different countries. Through the AIA, Arab youth are empowered to develop skills that are important for entrepreneurship, have a mindset of innovation and transformation, and establish friends from across the globe. The aim for these youth participants is to create a startup in just two weeks, and they can only do so with the help of some of the best industry professionals from various companies in the Arab region.


QSTP XLR8 is a two-month program that is offered by the Qatar Science and Technology Park to entrepreneurs who wish to know if their ideas are commercially viable, and to take their tech ideas and turn them into prototypes. This is done through the right training, coaching and with the aid of excellent mentors. This program will teach you how to attract investors, get customers interested in your product or service, and so much more.

3. Wonderful Office and Facilities

If your company needs a good office space to do work, complete with state-of-the-art facilities, business services and rooms where you can conduct meetings, then the Qatar Science and Technology Park can supply your needs. The Innovation Centre has all the offices and meeting rooms that you or your company needs, plus a lot more. There are public places where you can collaborate and where most innovative ideas are born. Having said that, there is an incubation centre at the Innovation Centre where startups are grown more rapidly than normal.

4. Funding

Expect to receive lots of funding opportunities from the QSTP to aid your startup business. Sources of funds include Product Development Fund and Tech Venture Fund. For example, you are qualified to avail of the Product Development Funding support if your product falls in among the priority industries. These include environment, energy, health and information and communications technology. However, an important detail is that At least 20 percent of your shares should belong to a Qatari individual or organization.

5. Excellent Location

QSTP is located at the Education City, where all the international universities can be found. These include satellite universities from the best that America has to offer, including Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown, Virginia Commonwealth, Texas A&M, and Northwestern. This location allows tenant companies to collaborate with these universities, and QSTP helps these universities incubate their innovate ventures.

Indeed, the Qatar Science and Technology Park is a great place to accelerate the growth of new ideas, and turn them into business opportunities. The overall effect is definitely one that helps Qatar continue its rapid progress as a nation.