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    The Future of Qatar

    Many predictions about the future tend to fail, but this should not stop us from trying. Nations, corporations, and investors typically try to forecast by hiring consultants. These consultants try to gather as much data from around the world to learn more about trends in development. This will hopefully give them a better chance of predicting what happens as much as 10 years from now.

    Qatar is no exception to consultant analysis. In fact, there are existing reports about the country’s demographics as long as the year 2030. Given that the current economic boom Qatar is facing continues to thrive, a lot of analysts see a bright future ahead for Qatar.

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    Qatar’s Future Looks Optimistic, According to Analysts

    The following are some forecasts regarding the future of Qatar, specifically, a few decades from now. These forecasts are based on global analysis, which may never be truly decisive, but are fun and informative nonetheless.

    1. Cultural Hub

    Qatar will continue to become one of the best places to visit to enjoy a different culture, experience tourism, and even dine in traditional restaurants.

    2. Leading in IT

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    Qatar will become a global leader in information technology. In the near future, the consumption of information goods will be much greater than that of real goods. Perhaps, e-money technologies much safer than bitcoin will become more prevalent, and Qatar will become a leader in utilizing these new currencies.

    3. Self-driving Cars

    Thirty years from now, it has been forecasted that close to 90 percent of the vehicles in Qatar will be self-driving. These autonomous cars will become more common as technology in this sector advances. The first companies to go mainstream with these vehicles include Audi, GM, BMW, and even the search-engine tech giant Google.

    4. Oil and Gas Remain Relevant

    Qatar became the richest country in the world mainly due to the utilization of its natural oil and gas reserves. Thirty years from now, these two commodities will still play a vital role in the government’s economy. Even more so, cars will become lighter due to advances in material science, making cars much cheaper.

    5. Energy-Saving Technologies

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    Ten years from now, solar photovoltaic technology will become much cheaper, especially in countries like Qatar that receive a lot of sun. In the future, Qatar will utilize this clean technology, reducing congestion and air pollution, and saving the environment.

    These optimistic predictions give hope that Qatar will continue to thrive as a nation. We all hope this will be the case, not just for Qatar but for the rest of the world.