Qatar: The Best Country to Start a Career

Are you looking for a job? Do you want to work abroad where the grass is greener? If you’re a Filipino and want to leave your motherland for greener pastures, then Qatar could be the place for you.

According to a survey study for the year 2019, Qatar is actually the best country to work right now. The other four countries in the top five are Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Russia, and France. This ranking is based on several features, including economic stability, innovation, equality of income, a good job market and more. The survey is based on interviews with more than 20,000 global citizens comprising 80 countries.

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Why Qatar is the Best Work Place Abroad

Qatar is the number one place to start a career abroad right now. Here are the reasons why:

1. Qatar is Rich

Qatar started out as a poor protectorate of the British regime. It became an independent nation by the year 1971. Eventually, the country discovered it was rich in oil and gas, and this accelerated Qatar’s growth, making it one of the richest countries in the world. In fact, it is the richest country per GDP capita, overtaking Luxembourg.

2. High Standard of Living

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The high standard of living that Qataris enjoy is a consequence of its wealth. Unlike many countries, healthcare and education are free, ensuring that all citizens are literate and healthy. In fact, many prestigious American universities have set up satellite campuses in Qatar.

3. A Population of Young Professionals

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Because of the great standard of living in Qatar, it is loaded with young professionals that are energetic and dynamic, causing the country to progress further and more rapidly. In fact, according to several sources, a quarter of the workers in Qatar are under the age of 25.

4. Rising Entrepreneurial Disposition

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A lot of young and aspiring entrepreneurs have also found a home in Qatar. Among Arab countries, Qatar is the most popular among young, business-minded individuals, and the Qatari youth seem to have more access to the resources required for starting up businesses.

5. Economic Stability

Qatar’s economic outlook is quite stable. This is true even if neighboring countries like UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia issued import blockage around two years ago. Apparently, Qatar is quite resilient. In just four months since the blockage, according to Moody’s Investor Service based in New York, Qatar recovered rapidly. The country still has high levels of reserved petroleum, although real estate, aviation, and tourism have taken the most “damage” due to the blockage.

These aspects truly make Qatar a great, if not the best place, to start your career. So what are you waiting for?