Top 5 Job Sites in Qatar

Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world, and it is one of the oil-rich countries. It offers many job opportunities for locals and foreigners alike. In this post, we have compiled 5 top job sites that you can use if you want to look for a job there.

These sites can help you get the job you are looking for. But be sure to check with your local government for advisories, requirements and other regulations when seeking jobs abroad such as in Qatar.

Before anything else, we also advise you to visit our Qatar OFW Jobs page as we regularly update the job openings from top companies in Qatar uploaded directly by the companies themselves.

photo credit: pixabay

Qatar Job Sites / Career Websites

  1. – job notices are grouped according to their industry category, or their relevance. You need to create an account with them. There is also a Search button where you can enter the job you are looking for.
  2. – you can enter the job you are looking for by typing it in the Search button, or you can check the job you want by specifying which place or city you want to work in. Their job results are filtered by country and city. In this site, you can also look for jobs in other Middle East countries.
  3. – allows you to search for a job by specifying the job title, years of experience and country where you want to find work. Jobs are also categorized by industry, function, company type, etc., where you can further refine your search. There is also a Career Resources page which can help you improve your resume and ace interviews. You need to create an account with them. And you can also subscribe to their account to get job notifications by email.
  4. – is an employment search engine. You can choose your job by industry, by location, or by typing in the job you are searching for. You need to create an account with them to better able to use their services.
  5. – allows you to enter a job title and location of your preference. As with other job sites, you need to create an account.