Tips on Changing Your Career in Qatar

Are you currently working in Qatar and looking to change your career? Perhaps you want to discover new jobs, or got fired from your previous job and are looking to find a new one. Well, there are many things to consider!

Before the new sponsorship laws were implemented, workers in Qatar had to work for two years in their existing job before being allowed to transfer to a new one. But this has since been lifted, so now you can transfer to a new job anytime.

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Want to Change Your Job in Qatar? Here are Things to Consider

1. The ideal conditions for changing jobs as an expat


Expats can change jobs in Qatar if they have met the following conditions. First, they have worked at least 5 years with their current employer in an indefinite, open-ended contract. Second, if the expat’s contract has expired. For both situations, the Qatari government will give the approval for the employee to change jobs.

2. Asking Permission

With a fixed contract term, expats must ask permission from their employers if they want to change jobs, if and only if the above-mentioned conditions are not met. That is, they have to ask permission if they haven’t worked for at least five years with their employer or if their contract has not expired yet.

3. Send a Written Notice

The law requires that an employee who switches to another job must first give a notice, hand-written, to his/her employer.

4. No Objection

The employer will then give the expat the go signal to switch to another job by giving them a No Objection Certificate. However, this certificate is not necessary if the conditions in number one on this list are met.

5. Three Months to Find Another Job

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Qatar’s Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) gives employees the eligibility to stay in the country for three months to look for another job. All you need is to inform MADLSA of your plans. Once you found another job within the three month period, go back to MADLSA to present your new employment certificate. Failure to do so will prompt the Qatar government to ask you to leave the country within a week, as your residence permit will be expired.

Before deciding to switch jobs in Qatar, make sure you take note of the above-mentioned guidelines. You should learn more about the steps necessary as well, to ensure that you’re not violating the law.