5 Things to Know About Qatar’s Social Security System

In terms of per capita GDP, Qatar is the richest country in the world. This is due to the fact that Qatar has a small population and is rich in both oil and natural resources. With an effective government, Qatar has catapulted itself from a poor, fishing nation to the richest in the whole world.

As a result, the country’s citizens and residents enjoy many benefits that many other countries can only dream of having. One of these is having tax-free jobs. Another is an essentially free social security system. If you are an expat in Qatar, you need to know the social security benefits of the country.

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Welfare Support for Qataris and Expats

1. No Financial Responsibilities

Because Qatar is so rich, it can provide its citizens with welfare without asking them to pay for it in return. Some countries require their citizens to fulfill certain financial schemes before welfare is given to them. This system, though, can be quite complex and costly, so as an added bonus, Qatar doesn’t have to spend for this kind of scheme, as it basically gives away welfare for free.

2. Kinds of Welfare Provided

If you are a Qatari National, you automatically receive free help from the state in the form of medical care, child care, pensions, sickness cover, maternity cover, and benefits if you are unemployed. In some cases, the government even gives its citizens free housing and benefits for the disabled.

3. Few Benefits for Expats

Foreigners are not as lucky though; the government can only provide use of medical facilities. In fact, Qatar is encouraging companies to provide free medical insurance to its expat employees so the government doesn’t have to spend.

4. No Pensions Provided by the Government for Expats

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As mentioned in the previous entry, the state of Qatar provides very few free welfare benefits for expats, and that includes a pension scheme. Don’t worry though; if you are working for an international company in Qatar, chances are you will have pension as sponsored by the corporation you are working in. If you have a state pension back at home, you should consider continuing that pension, even if it means your benefits will be reduced.

5. Set up a Personal Plan


While expats don’t have all the welfare privileges enjoyed by the locals, they can still enjoy a high salary. They can use this to their advantage by setting up their own personal pension, which is offered by many companies in the country.

These are some of the things you need to know about Qatar’s welfare situation. As an expat, there are still many ways to be insured, even if Qatari locals get the upper hand.