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Qatar Introduces Permanent Residency to Qualified Expats

The Qatar government has approved the bill allowing qualified expats to become permanent residents. Along with this status are benefits commonly enjoyed by the citizens. The Ministry of Interior will set up a committee to review the applications, as stated in the law.

This same bill also allows children of Qatari mothers who married non-Qatari fathers to receive permanent residency status. Among the Gulf countries, Qatar is the first to offer this.

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qatar permanent residence expats

Permanent Residency to Qualified Expats

The recently approved bill will grant a permanent residency ID to a non-Qatari. Those who qualify are: children of Qatari mothers who married non-Qataris, people with special talents “needed by the state”, and other individuals who rendered notable service to the country. However, citizenship will still not be granted to foreigners.

As a permanent resident of Qatar, the following privileges can be received:

  • Access to education and health care services
  • To be given priority, after the locals, for military and civilian public jobs
  • Allowed to own property
  • Allowed to operate some businesses without having a Qatari partner

The Ministry of Interior will create the Permanent Residency ID Granting Committee, to review applications for permanent residency. The committee will adhere to the provisions of the law when reviewing the applications.

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