How to Know if You Qualify for Permanent Residency in Qatar

Recently, Qatar has amended laws on immigration and labor, introduced the Wages Protection System and abolished exit permits. These new policies show that the country is looking after its employees and attracting more people to work.

Aligned with these amendments, Qatar has made it easier to obtain permanent residency and long term jobs. In addition, the Emir of the State of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has issued Law No. (10) 2018, which prompts Permanent Residence Permit issuance.

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How to Qualify for Permanent Residency in Qatar

Are you wondering if you are qualified to have a permanent residence in Qatar? First, you must be fluent in the Arabic language. Second, you must not have committed any crime. Third, you must have enough income so that you can support yourself or your family in Qatar. Fourth, you must have stayed in Qatar for 20 years if you were born in another country, or 10 years if you were born in Qatar.

The current law for permanent residency limits the number of permanent residents in Qatar to just 100 per year. If this isn’t revised, this indicates that it takes some waiting time before you can obtain this prestigious status.

If you have a permanent residency in Qatar, you will enjoy a lot of benefits. For one, they can enjoy healthcare benefits, both public and those funded by the government. There are education benefits as well. All these benefits will be enjoyed not just by the permanent residency holder but also their family. You will also be able to do things that only Qatari nationals are otherwise able to do, like real estate investments and other economic investments.

Without a permanent residency, if you want to register your own business in Qatar, you need to have a joint venture with a local Qatari partner. But, with a permanent residency, there’s no need for that.

As to when this new permanent residency law will take into effect, that’s yet to be determined. The Ministry of Interior Immigration Department will be responsible for evaluating all applications for permanent residency. The immigration department will soon announce the exact application procedure and requirements.

Having a permanent residency in Qatar is surely a goal worth achieving. With all the benefits that come along with having permanent residence, one should look forward to future announcements about the details of application, even if it means patiently waiting for the limited opportunity to arrive.