MOI: Carry your Residence Card/Passport as You Enter/Exit Qatar

The Ministry of Interior-Qatar posted on their official Facebook page a sample of the residence card, and advises residences to always carry it at all time.

The residence permit should be carried when entering or exiting the country as this is the sole proof that validates your residency in Qatar. This is also used for identification when showing the card to authorities.

Always Carry Your Qatar Residence Permit Card and Passport

moi qatar residence card

6-Months Rule

Once you have a valid residency in Qatar, and you are travelling outside the country for whatever reason (business or holiday), there is a period limit of 6 months. This means that you should not be out of the country for 6 months to keep your residence active.

Within 6 Months…
When a person does not have the residency permit card with them, they can still enter Qatar with a return visa given directly from the port of entry as long as their stay outside the country was permitted and within the 6-month limit. However, the immigration system will mark that person’s Residence Card as lost.

More than 6 Months…
On the other hand, when a person stays outside the country for more than six months, they will need to get a return visa prepared by his/her employer in order to enter the country. If the person doesn’t have this, he will be directed to concerned authorities for violation of the Residence Law No. 4/2009 and may face legal measures.

In other words, it’s best to keep a valid passport at hand or any identification as well as a residence permit that’s not expired.