Soon to Rise: A Filipino Hospital in Qatar

Qatar will have its first Filipino hospital soon, Philippine Business Council-Qatar or PBC-Q’s official said that they are preparing a Filipino hospital basing from a new design.

There was a series of conventions held with investors in Qatar last October 2015, the executives of Medical Mission Group & Health Services Co-operative Philippines or MMGHHSCP were accompanied by the PBC-Q, and these meetings were led by the CEO Dr Jose Tiongco.

This project was initially proposed to operate as a hub for secondary services in healthcare. It will eventually extend in areas with a big population operated by family medicine specialists and generalists including support staff.

Coming Soon: The First Pinoy Hospital in Qatar

The project’s status is now innovating to incorporate an entity that would be registered after it’s finished in Qatar said Loayon, they also organized campaigns to inform the Filipinos and encourage them to be part of the entity, that will function like a membership corporation and that they will benefit from the hospital’s services, being stakeholders of the business as well.

Loayon said that they’re reaching to at least 10% of the 250,000 Filipinos in Qatar. And that the details of the meetings are published in PBC-Q’s Facebook account.

Once the project is completed, Loayon would be proud to say that they chose Qatar’s location to be the first Filipino hospital set outside the Philippines.

Having a Filipino hospital would assist the government in Qatar to increase the country’s health industry by increasing the medical facilities’ availability.

Not only Filipinos but expats in Qatar will benefit from the hospital once it’s fully operational.

He expressed that the Philippines has the best healthcare professionals they deploy and medical care that foreign people look forward to.