What You Need To Know When Changing Jobs in Qatar

Qatar offers plenty of employment opportunities for expats. It is wise to understand the jobs and contracts that one has when working in this Arab country. Given that there are plenty of ways to grow your career, there are those who are always looking for better jobs (salary and benefits, work environment, etc.) and are planning to switch to a different company thinking that it’s easy.

Before submitting your resignation letter to your current employer, you need to keep in mind a few things because there are certain rules and regulations to follow. So you cannot just “hop” from one company to another.

Things to Consider When Transferring Jobs in Qatar

Here are things you should know if you plan to transfer jobs in  this region.things to know when transferring jobs in qatar

It’s Not That Straight Forward

You might think about the western or Asian countries, where changing jobs is all about scoring a new offer and making a shift. Well, it’s not that easy-a-cakewalk in Qatar. Herein your work permit is directly related to the employer and the sponsorship he vouches for. Plus, they’re also entitled to exercise a ‘banning order’, according to which they can prevent you from joining another corporation for a period of two years nearly. The imperative thing to consider is that it might also disrupt with your residency permit and force you to exit the country, if not heeded to properly. Hence, think twice before taking a decision in haste.

You Might Have To Exit The Country As Well

Earlier work contracts for expats used to be renewed in every two years. However, with the course of time, employers in the country realized that the employees would be open to sign a new contract with a competitor, who in turn will have an upper hand by getting an employee who is already accustomed to the work environment in the country.

Hence, since the past few years, open ended contracts serving the interests of the employers are being put into use. Certain clauses might just require for you to exit the country for a brief period of six months and re-enter with a new work visa. This clearly implies that you as an expat will have to leave Qatar six months prior to applying for a new work visa or new job perhaps.

No Objection Letter

Agreed that leaving the country for half-a-year and then re-entering is quite a rigorous process. But, there’s a different hack to that as well.

A thing what most of the career experts in the country will tell you is obtaining a no-objection letter before changing your employer. The same has its own drill to follow and prevents you from the ban. A typical no objection letter in Qatar would entail the employer declaring no issue regarding your changing the job and going for another corporation. It would also mention that you’ve fulfilled every term mentioned in the employment contract and are going about the process within the confines of Qatari legal system.

Make A Switch After Serving Double The Contract Term

Still, if you aren’t able to find your way through exiting the country for a brief period or obtaining an NOC, the labor laws in Qatar are quite flexible to accommodate your situation. According to a reputable source, you can get your work sponsorship transferred after spending a period twice of the one mentioned in your employment contract. In simple words, double your employment duration and make a hop to the next job, as simple as that!

Again, it might just be a 10 year period if the contract is open-ended, after due approval from Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (MoLSA).

Changing jobs in Qatar require you to undergo proper procedures to make sure everything is smooth. The process is quite organized. All you need is to stick to the norms and keep the right approach in mind. A desirable job offer is sure to follow. ‘Hop’ for the best!

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clip_image004 Author Bio: Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. An engineer by qualification and an artist at heart, he writes on various topics related to employment across the Gulf. Reach him @ LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.


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