National Museum of Qatar First Exclusive Visits

The new National Museum of Qatar had its first exclusive visitors for last April 20. The first group to begin this exclusive tour consisted of 20 Qatari citizens, prior to the visit date, there were invitations distributed in social media, and they were very happy with the opportunity. Citizens and college students have registered for the exclusive tour program, it reached to around 500 citizens.

The National Museum of Qatar will enable visitors to witness the work of Jean Nouvel who designed the exterior and interior which was inspired by the desert rose.

Qatar National Museum

national museum of qatar

National Museum of Qatar
Photo: screenshot from Qatar Museums | YouTube

The museum’s area is 430,000 sq. ft. consisting of unique design of interlocking discs, it is also standing around Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al-Thani’s original place where it’s been a seat of the government and his family home for 25 years.

Aside from the galleries the museum displays, it also has a 220-seat auditorium, two restaurants and a cafe, two retail outlets, a dedicated food forum preserving culinary traditions, a research Centre, laboratories and a park filled with indigenous plants.

The museum will be a successful place for the public, students and museum professionals.

Video of National Museum of Qatar