Chances of Scattered Rain on May 9 and 11

We are all experiencing a very hot and dry climate in Doha especially that we are in the summer period. Qatar Meteorology Department anticipates some clouds hovering up above and slight dust at times, with a temperature going up to 40 degrees.

We might be experiencing offshore climate to be blurry with some clouds until 6pm as forecasted by QMD.

The inshore wind speed goes from northwesterly to northeasterly with 5 to 15/18knots with areas that are close to the sea breeze, at the same time the offshore wind speed from southwesterly to northwesterly be 5 to 15 knots.

In the daily report of QMD, there will be visibility at places at times at 04 to 09/03 kilometers. The sea’s condition will be one to two feet inshore, offshore will be one to three feet and sometimes reach up to four feet.

Despite that, there’s a recent tweet from Qatar Meteorology Department expecting cloudy days between Monday and Wednesday, with a chance of having scattered rain.

Let’s all be ready and be thankful if the rain will pour down on those expected days.