Climate in May: Hot and Dry

Summer is coming and for people who live in Qatar, (or in the Middle East) this would be challenging due to the hot and dry climate to come.

Qatar’s weather forecast for today will be hot and with slight dust at certain areas at times, the forecast also anticipated that it will be cloudy to misty at times in offshore. In the official Twitter account of Qatar Meteorology Department, they posted that we will likely have isolated rain and cloudy skies between Friday evening and Sunday.

From @Qatar_Weather

Climate Information for May 2016
May is the first month of summer with hot and dry weather during the day and mild temperatures at night. Some rain falls during the beginning of the month, but it becomes sunny and very dry later on. Prevailing winds are mostly Northerly and sea temperatures rise steadily during thsi month.

– Civil Aviation Authority

Additionally, it has been explained by the Met Office that May is the first month of summer and would expect hot and dry during daytime and at nighttime would experience mild temperatures. Despite the fact, there will be occasional rain at the start of the month.

Therefore, knowing that summer will be as hot as ever, let’s keep ourselves hydrated and hope for the best not to suffer from this heat.