9 Things to Consider Before Moving to Qatar

So you finally received a job offer from an employer in Qatar.  Before moving, you might have apprehensions about how you can adapt to another country.

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It will help to research beforehand. You can ask friends and family who have worked in Qatar before. You can also look for resources online. As you wait for your deployment, you will have an idea of what to expect once you move.

Hamad Int ternational Airport is one of the most luxurious airport
Photo Credit: Hamad International Airport Facebook page

Learn From Other OFWs

In this YouTube video from Sharie Guy Habana, we can pick up some ideas regarding the way of life in Qatar. Before you move to another country, it will be good to know how our kababayan fared in their work and new country.

Here are some areas that you might want to prepare for:

  1. Population. Did you know that Qataris only make up less than 20% of the population? The rest of the people that you will find in Qatar are expatriates.
  2. Work. The working condition is generally positive. Most employees have free accommodation and transportation allowance. Some are even given their cars. Probably the best part of working in Qatar is the tax-free salary. Thus, you will receive your salary in full.
  3. Culture. You will experience various cultures due to the different nationalities of the people working there. It will help to be understanding of the various way of life around you.
  4. Religion. Islam is practiced in Qatar. And if you want to work there, you are expected to respect their religion. On the other hand, you can still practice your religion because there is a place of worship for the different religions and denominations.
  5. Climate. Summers in Qatar can get very hot. The temperature can reach up to 60 C. So if you think that summers in the Philippines are very hot, then brace yourself for a hotter summer once you move to Qatar.
  6. Language. Fortunately, you don’t have to be fluent in Arabic to work in Qatar. But you have to be conversant in English because this is the language that the other expats used. Of course, it will also help if you can speak and understand basic Arabic to help you understand your employers. (Also read: Top 10 Reasons to Learn Arabic)
  7. Safety. In Qatar, you won’t have to worry about getting mugged even if you take public transportation at night. You also won’t have to lose your valuables to pickpockets when you go out. Of course, even if it is generally safe it won’t hurt to practice basic precaution. You can still observe where you catch a ride, or where you leave your stuff. as they say, better safe than sorry.
  8. Dress code. Everyone is expected to dress conservatively. Women are also not allowed to wear short pants or tops with thin straps. Dressing modestly is the norm.
  9. Airport Hamad International Airport is considered one of the luxurious airports in the world. It can accommodate a lot of passengers comfortably. There are many amenities inside, like a gym and a swimming pool. Passengers can find plenty of food choices inside.

Here is the full video:

Indeed, you will encounter many differences between the two countries. But remember that you will have a good life for yourself and your family.

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