5 Traits and Qualifications that Qatar Employers are Looking For

Qatar is considered one of the ideal countries to work for. They have laws that protect the welfare of the expatriates. Of course, culture is also quite open to foreigners.

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You will also benefit from the country being tax-free. So if you want to work in Qatar, find out the traits and other skills that are best to have. These will give you a good edge versus the other applicants.

Get the job with the right attitude

Find a Job in Qatar

For years, the Middle East, especially Qatar, has been the preferred destination to many. There are many opportunities available. The salary is also quite generous.

If you want the hiring manager to take notice of your application, here are the qualifications and skills that you need to have:

  1. Valid Visa

Qatar employers are now actively hiring applicants that are already in the country, this is due to the limitations brought about by travel bans and restrictions. Having a valid visa is a plus point for you because the employer wouldn’t have to spend for your airfare and other overhead costs.

With the changes in Qatar’s labor law, you can easily switch from one job to another. You no longer have to get your current employer’s permission to transfer to another company. Of course, it is advisable not to change jobs often because the employer might wonder why you cannot hold down to a job.

  1. Work Experience

Your work experience does count, as employers are looking for someone who has the training and capability to get the job done. If the employee has the skill, then the company will not have to spend time and money to train the new hire.

Still, there are some companies that are willing to invest in new graduates. So don’t lose hope. To get the needed experience, you can start applying to other companies even if it’s not your ideal workplace. Just remember that you are there to acquire skills and experience that you can use to improve your desirability.

Employers know that there is no perfect candidate. But having the required skill and experience will surely work to your advantage.

  1. Salary Expectations

Potential employers will want to know if your desired salary is within their pay scale. Sometimes, employers will adjust this scale if they come across an applicant that they think is a good hire. But this rarely happens, so it’s better to manage your expectations.

  1. Good Personality

Possessing a good personality is another desirable trait to have. An employer might be more than inclined to give a job to someone who has a sunny disposition over an applicant who has a surly personality. Think about it, would you want to work with someone who is prone to having tantrums? Or would you like to work with someone who’s easy to get along with?

Remember, a little smile never hurts anyone. Exchanging a couple of hellos and his to your co-workers show your willingness to be part of the team.

  1. Possess soft and hard skills

Showing emotional and intelligence quotient is also useful. This is aside from the technical skills that you already possess. Being well-rounded will surely benefit you and the company because of the contributions you can make.

So when you create your CV, be sure to mention these important qualifications. With a bit of patience, you will finally land your dream job.

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