Top 10 Reasons to Learn Arabic

Working in a foreign country means hearing foreign words as well. In Qatar, and in other Middle East countries, Arabic is the main language used.

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Speaking and understanding Arabic will surely open many opportunities for the foreign worker. This is the primary reason for learning Arabic.

Improve Yourself Learn Arabic

Improve Yourself – Learn a New Language

Learning Arabic will come in handy when interacting at work and in other places. Here are ten reasons why you should persevere in learning Arabic:

1. To communicate using the local language

It gives a sense of satisfaction when you can speak with the locals. And when you go out on an errand, you will not get lost because you can understand the signs on the around you.

2. Keep the brain active.

Learning a new language keeps brain cells functioning. You will benefit from this in the long run because it helps improve your memory and understanding.

3. Invest in yourself: Learn a new skill.

It is good to pursue activities to improve yourself. You will be fulfilled to have accomplished something you never did before.

4. Meeting new people

Enrolling in a language course allows you to meet new people who share your interests. These new contacts will help you broaden your social circle or give you additional network opportunities.

5. Increased job opportunities

Most job openings require applicants to be able to speak Arabic. So when you know the language, you will have an advantage over the other job applicants. This new skill also shows your commitment and can impress your future employer.

6. Improve your existing job.

By learning this new language, you can be given additional responsibilities such as meeting with clients and stakeholders. And this can translate to promotion or salary increase in your current job.

7. Help your children with their homework

Knowing Arabic will also be beneficial at your own home. You can now help your children with their Arabic lessons. With your knowledge, you can also coach them in their lessons that need improvement.

8. Maximize your cultural experience.

When you can read and speak the Arabic language, you will then be able to understand the culture of the country. If you are feeling up to it, you can also read their history to better appreciate their culture and other customs.

9. Communicate when you travel.

Arabic is the language used in the region. When you know the language, you will be able to talk to locals from other countries. Your new skill will help you navigate the place because you can easily read the signs or ask directions from others.

10. Keep the language alive.

When more people speak the language, it does not become obsolete. It can even cross other regions if taught to other people as well.

If the idea of learning a new language can seem overwhelming, why not start small? There are video tutorials or apps available to those who want to learn basic phrases. You can then start learning Arabic in your spare time.

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