How Much Does a Salesman Earn in Qatar?

Are you interested in working as a Salesman in Qatar? A Salesman is also known as a Salesperson or a Sales Representative. The main task of a Salesman is to sell products or services to customers or businesses. A Salesman must therefore have confidence in what he or she is selling, and must have convincing power to get the customers or business representatives to purchase.

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The Salesman is a crucial part of any company’s work force. There are Salesmen across a wide selection of industries, including financial services, insurance, retail, pharmaceutical and even automobile industry. In addition, many experts have predicted that the number of employed salesmen will continue to rise significantly over at least the next few years.


What is the Salary of a Salesperson Working in Qatar?

Responsibilities of a Salesman

Before we talk about how much a salesman earns in Qatar, let’s first learn about the responsibilities of having this career. The primary role of course is to generate sales, but a salesman is also responsible for building sales leads. That means a salesman should also be actively looking for referrals, make calls, or look up business directories to reach out to potential new customers.

Moreover, a good salesman is one that maintains their customers. They can do this by calling or visiting the existing clients regularly, and making sure that they are still happy with the product or service they are getting from your company.

Salary of a Salesman in Qatar

In this video, the vlogger emphasized that in Qatar, different companies offer different salaries. The bigger the company, the bigger the salary, and vice versa. The vlogger is just sharing his typical salary for reference.

The Salesman in this video is earning 3750 Riyals. Multiplying that by 14, you get its equivalent in pesos, which is PhP 52,500. That is a relatively good company, and rightfully so, since the company he is working for is well known not just in Qatar but throughout the Middle East.

That salary may sound big, but the vlogger proceeded to lay down his expenses. First, his house rental is 800 riyals. Next, his transportation payments are around 300 riyals. Food allowance is around a minimum of 800 riyals.

Now that leaves the Salesman in this video at 2250 riyals. He then added that he will send 2000 riyals to the Philippines, while the remaining 250 riyals is set aside for emergency situations.

Breaking Down Salary

The vlogger’s actual salary is 2,626 riyals, but aside from this, he also receives 750 riyals for a housing allowance and 375 riyals for the transport allowance. But there are bonuses as well. For example, he showed that he earned 4750 riyals overall in December, and in September, he earned 5036.25 riyals, equivalent to 70,500 pesos.

That is the advantage of a Salesman. Aside from your monthly salary, you also get extra benefits or bonuses, mostly depending on how hard you work and how many sales you make.

Having a career in Qatar has its benefits. For a salesman, it is the opportunity to earn more than he can earn in the Philippines. To save even more, though, it might be best to find an extra job so you’re not totally reliant on your salary.