5 Facts About Qatar’s Medication Home Delivery Service

Qatar’s Medication Home Delivery Service is another strategy implemented by the Qatar government through Hamad Medical Corporation’s Pharmacy Department to reduce the effects of the global pandemic. A home delivery service is already in place even before this health crisis. However, this time, the HMC has expanded this service so that it now includes all HMC patients anywhere in Qatar.

According to Dr. Moza Al Hail, this decision to expand the service was made in light of efforts to ensure that people are as far away from each other through social distancing. This is especially important for COVID-19 patients and those who are highly susceptible to the disease due to prior health complications.

medication home delivery

All About HMC’s Medication Home Delivery Service

The following are several facts about the Medication Home Delivery Service that you need to know.

1. A Collaborative Effort

This expansion is made possible through the joint effort between Hamad Medical Corporation and Qatar Post. Qatar Post, the country’s modern postal service, will be responsible for delivering the medications to the patients. These deliveries include both refill prescriptions and new prescriptions. You can avail of this service if you have a valid health card.

2. How to access this service

If you want to access HMC’s Medication Home Delivery Service, you first need to dial 16000, a hotline number available from 7 AM to 3 PM from Saturday to Thursday. For example, if you call now and the medication delivery is approved, Qatar Post will send the delivery to you the following business day. Qatar Post ensures that its drivers are following strict protocols for hygiene. They are also well capable of handling medications carefully. Some medications are sensitive and require that they be handled with care. Some even need to be refrigerated. Qatar Post’s drivers are capable of dealing with such special situations as well.

3. Protecting the Vulnerable

Through this new delivery service, HMC ensures that the vulnerable public, or those that are most susceptible to acquiring the disease, will be protected. They don’t have to go outside to pick prescriptions. These days are stressful already to everyone, and going out would just be additional stress. Patients that are staying at home will no longer have to go to hospitals or pharmacies just to get their medication.

4. Use Whats App

You can also use Whats App to request for this medication delivery service. Use the list of Whats App numbers from the health centers in the tweet below. Text hello to the health center you wish to request for medication. After texting, a Pharmacist from that health center will call you shortly. Q Post will then deliver the medicine to you.

5. Where to ask further information

If you have more questions regarding this new Home Delivery Service by the HMC, you can contact the Drug Information Center through the telephone number 4026 0747. The number is available from 8 AM to 8 PM on weekdays (excluding Friday and Saturday). You can also email the authorities at DIC@hamad.qa

Qatar continues to think of strategic ways to put an end to this pandemic. By making medications available to patients without them having to leave their homes, Medication Home Delivery Service is able to addressed to health challenges: promote social distancing and keep the Qatari citizens and residents healthy.