Salary and Benefits of Healthcare Workers at Hamad Medical Corporation

Healthcare workers are in demand both in the Philippines and abroad. In Qatar alone, nurses can apply in one of the medical facilities all over the country. While there are private companies, the government-run Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) can employ many healthcare workers every year.

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If you have plans to work in Qatar, it is best to know what your potential employer can offer in terms of benefits and salaries. When you have met the minimum work experience of a registered nurse, get your credentials ready. Find out if working in HMC can be beneficial for you.

Disclaimer: The information posted here is based on the personal experiences that the OFW shared on the video. Please let this post serve as a guide only. If you have specific questions, you may ask the OFW by commenting on their video on their accounts.

Video: A Nurse Shares Information About Working at HMC

On the YouTube channel of NurseGelynTV, we’ll get an idea of what HMC provides to their staff. The vlogger is working at Al Wakrah Hospital. She is assigned to the Labor and Delivery Section.Are you planning to apply at this hospital as well? Keep reading to learn what is in store for you as a healthcare worker at HMC.

Training Period for New Nurses

New health workers have a three-month training period with their preceptor, or the one assigned to train new nurses. During training, the new hires will learn about the rotations in the area and other tasks. They will also receive a salary during their training period.

Once the new staff has completed the training period, they will be have another month of observation. This is a morning shift duty, where a senior staff member will monitor your performance. After that period, the staff can begin working by themselves. Of course, they are still welcome to ask questions of or seek assistance from the more senior staff.

Since there are so many protocols to remember, the new hire is not expected to remember all of them during their early months. Thus, they can still approach charge nurses or their seniors for questions. There are some cases where the new staff did not meet the requirements during their training period. But they were not sent home. Instead, the management assigns them to another department where they have more potential.

Accommodations Provided for Staff

HMC provides accommodation for all their staff. The housing given to their employees has enough privacy for all the occupants. Staff members who are bachelors can opt to live out. HMC will provide them with a single accommodation allowance.

On the other hand, female staff members are only allowed to have single accommodations when they are 34 years old or older. The exception to this rule is when the husband of the female staffer is also in Qatar or when the staff has relatives working in the country.

HMC staff members who have their families with them can also opt to live elsewhere and receive an allowance from the company. If the staff wants to bring their family to Qatar, they can do so. Their children will be under their sponsorship. The whole family will then be given a family accommodation allowance.

Transportation Allowance for Staff

HMC also provides a transportation allowance, which is included in the salary. The company also provides a shuttle service for their employees. If they live in one of the housing facilities, they can take the shuttle for free. They can save on your allowance this way. But if they choose to live elsewhere, they won’t receive any additional transportation allowance.

Free Airfare During Yearly Vacation

For employees planning to go on their yearly vacation to the Philippines, HMC also shoulders the travel expenses. Even the children can avail themselves of the free ticket. Because of these benefits, most staff members prefer to stay longer.

Annual Leave

Married women can avail themselves of two months of paid maternity leave when they give birth. This leave period applies for both normal and caesarian deliveries.

On the other hand, the staff has 40 days of annual leave. For this leave credit, the staff can either arrange for 20 days’ leave every six months or use the entire leave. But this will depend on the unit head.

Other leave credits that can be applied for are sick leave and casual leave. When the staff gets sick, they can avail themselves of free consultations at the staff clinic. However, casual leave can only be given depending on the setup in the department.


While the vlogger did not mention an amount, she said that the salary she receives is enough to live comfortably. It is also better than what healthcare workers receive back home.

You can watch the full video here:

By knowing all these benefits, you can now decide which job opportunity to pursue. Take the time to compare your available job offers before making your decision.

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