How to Apply as a Healthcare Worker in Qatar

If you are a healthcare worker, Qatar has several work opportunities for you. Aside from the tertiary hospitals such as Hamad Medical Corporation and Sidra Medicine, there are primary healthcare facilities all across the state.

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To apply for a healthcare worker career, you can send the CV directly to the hospital’s website, or through a recruitment agency, or through referrals from someone you know that is currently working at the hospital of their choice. But before you can start working in Qatar, you need to meet the registration and licensing requirement of the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP).

Pass your qualifying exam

Requirements to Work in Qatar

As a healthcare worker, you need to register and pass the licensing requirements of the QCHP. You will find the requirements and guidelines at the QCHP website. Some of the documents you’ll need are your passport, diploma, professional license, training certificates, national ID (or any primary ID system in your country), and history of employment.

Once you have your paperwork ready, you need to submit these for primary source verification.  You can submit your details either through Dataflow or Gulf Bridge Services. These portals ensure that the documents that an applicant submits are accurate and legitimate. There is also a corresponding fee for the processing of information. You can allot about 20 days for the result.

Meanwhile, you can also start applying for the qualifying examinations. The exams are computer-based, and take about 2 hours to complete. You can find the link to register for the tests at the QCHP website. Applicants for a healthcare position must also submit a certificate of good standing.

In case you did not qualify, you are given a chance to re-apply again. Online, you can find tutorials and other tips on how to pass these tests successfully.

Remember to look at your particular field when applying. There are different guidelines for each field of work.

Where to Apply

Hamad Medical Corporation is the primary healthcare provider in Qatar. It provides various medical services. It also operates the Primary Healthcare Corporation, located across the state. Thus, the hiring of health care workers is continuous.  Sidra Medicine is another tertiary hospital. While it opened just recently, it also offers various medical services. You can go to the websites of these tertiary hospitals to find out their job opportunities.

You can also check some recruitment sites for health care workers. Some sites provide added information, such as salary comparison between countries.

Always remember to access legitimate sites for your application. You also need to be careful where you send your personal information, so you will not become victims of scammers.

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