Qatar to Use Saliva-Based COVID-19 Test for Children

The health ministry announced that Qatar will use saliva when testing COVID-19 for children. Qatar is one of the first countries to use this method.

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The use of saliva will be less intrusive than the traditional RT-PCR test method. Studies have shown that this is effective.

RT-PCR TestSaliva to be Used as Specimen for COVID-19 Testing

In an update from the health officials, Qatar is one of the first countries in the world to use saliva-based COVID-19 test. This will be used in children who need to take such a test. The adults will continue to use the previous COVID-19 test kit.

The traditional RT-PCR tests require getting nasal (nasopharyngeal) and throat (oropharyngeal) swab specimens. These procedures involve inserting two different swabs in the nose and back of the throat respectively.

Here is the Twitter post from the Ministry of Public Health:

The new method, saliva-based test, will be easier for the children because it is less intrusive. It requires the patient to spit in a sterile tube, which will then be sent to the laboratory for testing. This test is easier and highly accurate, according to officials from Hamad Medical Corporation. Parents are encouraged to have their children undergo the test if needed.

Getting a saliva sample has been used in previous outbreaks and has proven to be effective. Other US-based studies have also shown that getting a saliva specimen is safer for the health worker because it does not require close contact with the patient.

Healthcare Safety

Qatar has come up with innovative solutions to combat the pandemic. Among the solutions are offering virtual consultations in the hospitals so that patients can get their check-ups without leaving their homes.

Aside from that, the elderly and other vulnerable sectors have been protected from the virus. The guidelines enforced earlier were successful in limiting the spread of the virus to the population.

The constant reminder of washing hands often and wearing face masks when leaving their homes was also effective. Even if the state has flattened the curve, these safety protocols should still be followed to ensure that the virus will be contained.

Always Use the Etheraz app

The Etheraz app is also a useful device to keep everyone safe from the virus. It monitors your health status. This status will be checked especially when entering public facilities, thus ensuring that everyone around is virus-free. Elsewhere, the Etheraz app will also alert you about the status of the people you come in contact with.

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