Citizens from Other Countries can Enter Qatar Starting August 1

With the lifting of restrictions in Qatar, citizens from other countries can go to Qatar beginning August 1. Those coming from low-risk countries are exempted from hotel quarantine and but might have to take a COVID test upon arrival in Doha if they cannot provide a valid certification. They will also sign an agreement to undergo home quarantine. Those who are from other countries and with no accredited testing facilities will have to shoulder their one-week hotel quarantine and will take a COVID test. After the prescribed period, they will report to a health facility to get another test.

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These are some of the policies set by the government for those who want to travel to Qatar. The list of low-risk countries will be updated every two weeks and can be viewed at the Ministry of Public Health website.

Arrival from Low-Risk Countries

Conditions for Travelling to Qatar

Ministry officials announced the latest travel policy to Qatar. These are as follows:

  • Those coming from low-risk countries will take a test upon arrival in Doha. But if their home country has an accredited virus testing facility, they just need to present their virus-free certification to be exempted from taking a COVID test. The health certificate must be valid 48 hours before their flight. Their Ehteraz app will appear as yellow, which means they have to undergo quarantine. Arrivals from low-risk countries will sign an agreement to undergo home quarantine for a week. After the prescribed period has lapsed, they are to report to a health facility to take another test. If they are virus-free, their Ehteraz app will become green.
  • Those coming from countries not classified as low-risk but have an accredited virus testing facility can also enter Qatar. They will follow the same procedures as those coming from low-risk countries.
  • Meanwhile, those coming from other countries and with no accredited virus-testing facility will undergo one week quarantine in a government-accredited hotel facility. The hotel must be booked through the “Discover Qatar” website before they arrive in Qatar. Hotel expenses will be shouldered by the person. Their Ehteraz app will appear as yellow. At the end of the prescribed quarantine period, the traveler will take another test to see if he is virus-free. If he has a virus, he will transfer to an isolation facility. The Ehteraz app will still remain yellow. If he is virus-free, he will still undergo another week of home quarantine after which the Ehteraz app will be updated at the end of the home quarantine.

The list of low-risk countries can be found here.

These are the conditions by which Qatari citizens, their families, and permanent residency holders can return to Qatar:

  • They can travel outside Qatar anytime. But when they arrive, they must follow the guidelines assigned to their countries of origin
  • If the government sponsors their stay abroad, whether for treatment or work, they can return to the country. Their hotel quarantine expenses will be shouldered by their sponsors

These are the conditions on how Qatar residents can return:

  • Their entry will be based on priorities, such as public health indicators and labor sector requirements
  • Their employers will shoulder the expenses of the blue-collar and domestic workers for staying in a quarantine facility

The government has also identified some health conditions that allow the traveler to undergo home quarantine, instead of hotel quarantine. Some of these conditions are: having heart disease, asthma, pregnant, and those taking care of children.

Workers should coordinate with their employers regarding their return. They should also use the “Qatar Portal” website to get their return permits. Those attending school must plan their return so they can undergo the required quarantine period before classes start.

Read the complete press release from Qatar’s Government Communications Office here.

The travel policy is part of the gradual lifting of restrictions that the government is implementing in Qatar.  In the previous months, offices, shopping centers, and other businesses are given longer hours of operations. At the next phase, beaches and parks were reopened.

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