Here’s How You Can Get an Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar

If you are a Qatar resident but are currently out of the country, you can apply for an exceptional entry permit. Just go to Qatar Portal to apply for one. The application period starts on August 1.

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This is a temporary service being given due to the pandemic. Employers can use this portal to apply for a permit for their employees, while freelancers with valid QID can submit their application.

exceptional permit qatar
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Documents and Other Requirements you’ll Need to Apply for the Permit

Due to the pandemic, some Qatar residents cannot return to their work. The exceptional entry permit allows the residents to come back to Qatar as long as they meet the conditions set by the government.

Here are the procedures to apply for the permit:

  • Log in at Qatar Portal. Or create a new account if you don’t have one
  • Click on “Apply for Exceptional Entry Permit”
  • Review the terms and conditions and have all the requirements ready before proceeding with the application
  • Go to the application page and correctly fill out the needed information
  • Encode your updated email address to get the approval of the application
  • Print the approval email, this will be shown at the airport. You will also show a copy of the quarantine undertaking.

Remember the terms and conditions of the permit:

  • Employers, whether private or government, may apply for the permit for their employees that are Qatar residents
  • Application for the permit will be done through Qatar Portal, starting August 1, 2020
  • This permit is applicable to Qatar residents and their families.
  • If an entry permit is granted to the Qatar resident, this permit also covers the family members
  • The entry permit is valid for one month. If the permit expires, they can apply for another
  • Holder of the permit must also download the EHTERAZ application when they arrive
  • If the resident comes from a low-risk country, they need to show evidence of certificate for 72 hours or greater
  • Qatar authorities reserve the right to accept or reject the resident upon arrival, depending on the conditions and other requirements
  • The resident also acknowledges that all the information they gave is truthful, otherwise, they will be held liable.

Here are the conditions to remember if a resident is from a low-risk country:

  • The resident must present a negative result of a COVID test from an accredited hospital. The certification is valid within 48 hours after departure. The list of accredited hospitals will also be available in the portal
  • If no COVID test is done in the home country, the same test will be taken upon arrival in Doha.
  • The resident must also show proof of staying for 3 days (or 72 hours) in a low-risk country. If they stayed for less than the required period, they will not be considered as coming from a low-risk country

If the point of origin is not considered a low-risk country, here are the conditions to remember:

  • The resident must present a hotel reservation from one of the accredited establishments. The quarantine period is one week upon arrival in Doha
  • The resident must undergo a COVID test at the airport. In case the result is positive, the resident will be placed in an isolation facility. However, if the result is negative, the resident will proceed to the hotel quarantine for seven days.
  • They are expected to follow all hotel quarantine protocols, such as maintaining social distancing. If these protocols are not followed, the quarantine period will be extended for another one week

If there is any discrepancy in the data submitted, the permit will be revoked.

Finally, upon arrival at the airport, have these documents ready:

  • Passport
  • Qatar residence card
  • Entry permit
  • Hotel quarantine undertaking
  • COVID examination certificate
  • Copy of the hotel reservation for quarantine

For additional questions, residents applying for the permit may call 109 (in Qatar) or +974 440 69 999 (outside Qatar). Getting the exceptional entry permit should be easy, as long as the documents are complete and the details provided are accurate.

Here is a video you can watch about applying for the exceptional entry permit:

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