So You Want to Teach in Qatar? Here are 5 Things to Consider

Teaching abroad opens you to a lot of opportunities. Aside from the higher pay, you can experience working with colleagues from different cultures and nationalities.

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You also need to do a lot of adjustments when you work in another country. So it’s important that you are aware of the possible scenarios that you will experience.

Understand the Work Environment

Teaching in Qatar: Here’s What You Should Consider

1. Salary

Perhaps one of the main reasons for seeking work outside abroad is the bigger pay. In some schools, teachers receive a monthly salary of QAR 3,000 to 4,000. Some teachers get additional QAR 1,000 for added administrative tasks. Outside the school work, teachers can earn QAR 500 for tutoring students, especially during exam week. This means that teachers might earn a lot more, but they will have to spend more time in school.

Aside from the monthly salary, you should inquire about other benefits such as housing facilities, or housing allowance. You can also ask about other benefits such as transportation and airfare for vacations.

2. School Hierarchy

In some institutions, such as international schools, there can be administrators that might not have a background in Education. Teachers will also report to Qatari school owners who may also not have any degree in Education. While it can be frustrating, as an employee, they need to comply with the regulations set by the school authorities

3. Students

There are times when students are not actively participating in class. And parents are not cooperating but would instead demand more from the teacher. While this can get frustrating, know that this also happens in other countries. This challenge is something teachers must find a way to solve.

4. Standard of Living

Since there is no income tax deducted to the monthly salary, it is easy to go on a shopping spree at the next mall sale. But, foreign workers should keep in mind that they are working abroad with a goal to provide better opportunities for them and their families back home. While it is alright to go shopping once in a while, there should be a budget for this.

When buying basic necessities, it is perfectly acceptable to shop for a cheaper brand. Some head to the sale section first to see if the items they need are there.

5. Culture

Middle East countries are Muslims, so they have different cultures from the West or those coming from a Catholic country. Even foreign workers are required to follow the rules. Some of these are: dressing modestly, not drinking alcohol in public, and not eating pork.

To further help you prepare to teach in Qatar, you can also ask friends and families who are already there. They can give you more personal tips and hacks on how you can adapt.

Of course, prepare for your job interview by learning more about the school you are applying to. Prepare your credentials and other documents to help you ace the interview.

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