5 Essentials to Develop a Great Teaching Career in Qatar

Well, you know it well and good that it’s the country with the best per capita income and it would certainly be one of the most lucrative avenues for you to find a professional life in.

Talk about the growth prospects here and you would be taken aback by the number of foreign institutions setting up a market in the proliferating education sector in Qatar.

teaching in qatar

photo credit: ICT Qatar

Today, the country has grown out of the general stereotype of being an oil dependent nation and the people here have started looking forward to other alternatives going viral across the globe. Talk about the rapidly growing real estate sector or the banking institutions that are soaring with foreign capital, opportunities in the country are going from one to million. Not to miss, the most significantly developing sphere out of these is the education sphere. Teachers are recruited on a continual basis by organizations pertaining to different backgrounds and following different curriculum. That does imply the high financial growth and the sense of job security associated with a teaching career in Qatar.

Mentioned below are 5 such essentials you should work on to stay on top of your game and have a blissful teaching tenure in this exotic Arab land.

1) Explore the Country

Qatar is a country full of adventures and great mystical stories. The moment you start gaining knowledge about the tradition here, the better you understand the locals and their preferences. The same goes for students as well. With students coming from different social backgrounds, enthusiasm and interest in your subject are things you’ll have to stay on the edge for. Make sure you have found ample hacks to build the initial rapport and then progress towards the yearly objectives.

2) Find your own Fishbowl

It surely happens that the moment you start working in any educational institution, your network with the locals and professionals from your field starts building up. Make sure you don’t limit yourself to the same and find one of your own in the country. This helps you to understand strategies and up-to-date trends running viral in schools and universities – something your students will value at the end of the day.

3) Dress Appropriately

One of the foremost parameters your employer in any Qatari institution would gauge you by is the way you dress and your conduct in the school/university. Make sure that you are appropriately dressed during all instances and perceived as one of the most professional teachers in the campus.

For Men

– A Suit
– Neatly Trimmed Hair
– The National Dress (as applicable)

For Women

– A Suit
– Professional Hairstyle
– Limited Jewelry
– The National Dress (as applicable)

4) Consider Volunteering for a Cause

There might not be a huge number or any rather financial benefits associated with volunteer causes in the country, but it surely adds on to your international work experience in Qatar. Think about it this way, more the time you spend in such activities, closer you get to the culture, hence gaining a better understanding of mingling with your students.

5) Set a Realistic Plan

It might be the case that your institution follows a British curriculum or the American one, but employers in schools and colleges lay due stress over course completion and an organized plan to make every student reach out to his true potential. This requires for you to get all priorities straight and set a realistic plan that takes care of the academic development for the entire batch you’re assigned with.

It’s really not that difficult to ace your teaching job in Qatar. Sticking to the basics is all that’s needed and everything else will fall in place by itself.


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