Everything You Need to Know About Teaching English in Qatar

Qatar is the richest nation in the world on a per capita GDP basis. That’s primarily because it is rich in gas and oil reserves. As such, jobs available in this country are lucrative, including English teachers who, on average, can earn between $1,600 to $4000 per month, tax free.

Teaching in Qatar has the added benefit of allowing you to learn from the experience of teaching abroad. This international experience will give you the chance to teach a group of students from varying cultures, talents, abilities and skills.

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Why Teaching English in Qatar is Great

A. Getting a Visa

If a school in Qatar hires you to teach for them, what usually happens is that you get your visa processed even while you’re still in the Philippines. Getting a visa means passing several tests, including a physical exam and an HIV test. The school may also require your college transcript of records and criminal background. The entire process of getting a visa to teach in Qatar takes about one to three months on average.

B. Experience Matters

Of course, it is highly possible for a new teacher to get hired in Qatar, but it seems the more experience you have in teaching, the more likely you will be hired and become successful in your job. An English teaching job is quite so lucrative that the competition is tough, and whatever helps you stand out from everyone else helps. This includes having a TEFL certification.

C. High Salaries

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, English teachers in Qatar enjoy some of the highest salaries in the world. Aside from the salary though, teachers also get other benefits such as free housing and airline tickets. In fact, in Qatar, an English teacher can save as much as $1,000 to $2,000.

D. Private Schools

You will most likely land an English teaching job at one of the private schools in Qatar. That’s because you need to learn fluent Arabic to teach in the public school system. You are also likely to get a job teaching at training institutions or Universities, depending on your credentials.

E. Reach Out Online

One good strategy to land an English teaching job in Qatar is to make social connections with teachers already working there. You can do this on Facebook, online forums and LinkedIn, among others. If you are already in Qatar, you can also visit the school you are interested in working for. You can just bring your curriculum vitae with you.

Are you ready to teach English in Qatar? Getting a teaching job here will definitely be a memorable and enriching experience for you!