How to Prevent Fire Accidents in Qatar

It can be really hot outside in Qatar. This is especially true during the summer months, during which you need to take all the necessary precautions to prevent fire accidents. Fire can happen when some of your electronic devices, automobiles, or sensitive parts of your house get too much sun exposure.

To prevent fire, you need to read the following tips for both the outdoors and indoors of your home.

qatar fire

How to Prevent Fire in Qatar

A. Keeping Your Car Safe

You need to be sure that your car is cool all the time. You can do so by checking out your temperature gauge in the dashboard. Stop your car’s ignition when it reaches high levels and open the hood. You can also help the car release more heat by pressing on the acceleration. Moreover, when you’re parking your car, be sure it’s in the shade.

B. Air Conditioning

Ironically, air conditioning in homes can be a source of fire. You need to regularly check your air conditioner and keep them clean; free from dust and other debris. Also, as much as you want to keep your house cool at all times, turn off your air conditioning when you leave the house. Leaving them on may cause electrical wiring problems leading to fire.

C. Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlet failures are a common cause of fire accidents. When too many devices are plugged into one electrical outlet, that can lead to a short circuit. Moreover, if you are fond of keeping your devices charged overnight, that is also dangerous since your device may overheat.

D. Maintenance

One should constantly maintain important devices and equipment in your household. These include appliances in the kitchen, gas cylinders, air conditioners and electrical wires. Gas cylinders are especially dangerous especially if you leave them open and within reach of children. These should also be hidden from sun exposure.

E. General Tips

When a fire breaks out, it is very helpful if you can readily call the emergency providers with details to your home address. That’s why you should always bring with you, if not memorize, the building number, zone number, street number and other details of your address. Call 999 when a fire breaks out, and stay as far away from the source of heat as possible. It is best if you have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and fire blanket.

Fire accidents can easily happen during the hot summer months of Qatar. While the country has firefighters and a fire emergency response plan, prevention is still the best policy.