Useful Tips to be Safe this Summer

The summer season is now here in Qatar. And if you have been living here for a long time, you are already familiar with how hot the days can be. But fear not, we’ve compiled some essential tips to help you navigate this season.

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First and foremost, it’s crucial to avoid prolonged exposure to the heat and stay hydrated as much as possible. Before you know it, the summer season is over.

Maintain your appliances

Summer Safety Tips 

As we’re all aware, summers in Qatar can be unforgivingly hot, whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned resident. It’s essential to find ways to cope and even enjoy the season.

On the flip side, take advantage of the beach and explore other outdoor activities while staying mindful of safety measures.

Preventing Fires by Maintaining Appliances

Home appliances are useful in every home, since they can help you perform your chores quickly. However, if you neglect their maintenance, it can lead to accidents.. 

For example, the water heater that you use runs on either gas or electricity. If you leave it running when unattended, it can become a fire hazard. Similarly, you should also check that all appliances are turned off when you leave the house.

It is also crucial to keep the air conditioner well-maintained and undergo regular service. When it is dust-free, your unit will be able to blast off cooler air. Remember to remove dust away from your exhaust fans as well. 

Most importantly, keep flammable materials away from sunlight or source of heat. Detergents and other cleaning materials are considered flammable, so make sure these are placed safely in storage.  

Car Care

Your car is useful during your summer outings, since you can go anywhere comfortably. However, prolonged exposure to heat can pose risks. 

As much as possible, park your car under a shade especially if you will be gone for a long time. Doing so will ensure that when you return to your car, the interior will not be as hot. You would also reduce the sun’s glare on the car paint. 

Similarly, it would also help to leave the car window slightly open. It will allow air circulation inside your vehicle and thus prevent overheating. 

There are some items that you should not leave inside the car. The reason for this is that some materials will explode under extreme heat. So when these are inside your car, these might explode when left unattended. For example, car lighters and smartphones can explode when left in places that are too hot. Products containing alcohol are also prone to reacting in extreme heat. Also, carbonated drinks can also explode when heated. 

Most importantly, do not leave children unattended in parked cars. Even if you will be gone for a few minutes to do some errands, you have to remember that the temperature inside can quickly rise. If you leave the children in the car, they are in danger of suffering from dehydration and even heat stroke. 

When refueling, do so during cooler hours and avoid overfilling the tank. Always keep a functional fire extinguisher in your car as a precaution.

Water Safety for Children

Summer is synonymous with water activities, but it’s crucial to supervise children to prevent accidents. 

When children play in the water, they are also in danger of drowning. They might experience cramps or get pulled deeper in the water. They might also ingest chemicals accidentally.  

Make your children wear a lifesaver or any swimming equipment to reduce their chances of drowning. You could also enroll your children in swimming lessons.

LPG Cylinder Safety

LPG cylinders can get hot when placed under direct heat. When this happens, the heat can create pressure inside the cylinder and might lead to explosion. So prevent accidents, and store your LPG cylinders properly. 

Sun Protection

The sun’s rays can cause damage to your skin. When you go out, remember to put some sunscreen on your skin. It is also advisable to re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours. What’s more, you will protect your skin against premature aging and skin cancer. So, why not use sunscreen all year long? 

Reducing Electricity Consumption

We all know that when it’s hot, we depend on our electric fans or air conditioners. When there is too much consumption, the consumers would increase the use of the power grid. To prevent this from happening, you could reduce your consumption by relying on a natural cooling method. You can also adjust the setting of your thermostat. 

Work Safety

Even if it’s the summer season, work goes on for most of us. Outdoor workers face heightened sun exposure risks, necessitating safety precautions.  

Wear appropriate clothing. During the summer season, you could wear light-colored and loose-fitting outfits since these will be comfortable during the humid days. If possible, you can bring extra clothing to replace your shirt that is soaked with sweat. 

You can also wear sunglasses or hats to keep the sun away from your eyes and face.if possible, the rim of your hat should be large enough to cover a large part of your face. 

Take frequent hydration breaks. When working under the heat, you should stay hydrated often so as to prevent dehydration and even heat stroke. It is advisable to drink water or energy drinks to replace the electrolytes lost. This is not the time to take carbonated drinks. 

Avoid electrical hazards such as power lines and extension cords. These equipment are useful at work, but can be hazardous when used improperly. Your power lines should be stowed in a safe place and should not be subjected to too much wear and tear. 

How to Help an Individual Suffering from Heat Illness

In case  the heat is too much to bear for a person, you should also be able to assist them until they recover. The Ministry of Public Health recommends these steps:

  • Giving water
  • Removing extra clothing
  • Moving the person to a cooler area
  • Providing water, ice, or fan to the person to help cool off
  • Staying with the distressed person until they recover
  • Seek medical care when needed

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