Rainy Season Expected in October

The summer season is about to end and weather forecasts next week will be rainy with low temperatures. A report from a local weather-forecaster said that the rainy season will start soon.

The Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) announced a little downpour in Qatar and will be raining for 52 days. This rain is expected to start on October 16, 2016 and it also represents the “Wasmi” season.


Wasmi Season in Qatar

This time span was named Wasmi Season because the rainfall collaborates with the germination process aiding the growth of certain plants.

An official in MET said that the country will experience a heavier rain for 2 months that could also help certain plants grow.

Usually, rain signals a change of season in the Middle East and this change of weather will welcome the start of the winter season. Residents are advised to prepare for this change to avoid inconveniences of unexpected downpours.