“Visa on Arrival” system to help boost Tourism in Qatar

We cannot deny that there are now many expatriates that are now residing in Qatar due to its innovations and growth. As part of its plan to attract more people to visit the country, a Visa on Arrival system has been on the works.

The Qatar Tourism Authority’s senior told Gulf Times that they are implementing an online tourist visa application system in order to boost the tourism in Qatar.

Hassan Al Ibrahim (Chief Tourism Development Officer) said that in order to build the number of visitor arrivals in Qatar, they need to facilitate application process for visa as necessity.

The new visa system is expected to take effect in the coming year of 2017 as QTA is aiming to invest with the help of United Nations Wolrd Tourism Organisation.

The details for this new visa system, cost and validity will be publicized soon.

Hassan said that they are working on the process and will be having differnt types of visas with different duration.

Aside from the usual tourist attractions in Qatar like the cultural villages,hotels, souqs, stadiums, the country is also venturing on Al Zubarah the Unesco heritage site and museums that are still under construction to invite more visitors.

Qatar has received more visitors every year between 2010 & 2016 after the launching of Qatar’s National Tourism Sector Strategy.